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Why Email Might Just Be Your Most Important Content Delivery Channel

Email Might Be Best Content Delivery Channel

You’re probably running in some circles trying to figure out how to adapt to ever-changing SEO algorithms. It’s harder than ever to be seen on Facebook.

Reaching your audience … well, it ain’t easy when the game is always changing.

However, there’s one channel that remains (slightly more) constant than others: Email.

The Hard Truth: Why Reporters Won’t Answer Your Phone Calls


I remember those days in the Big Apple pitching heaps of reporters during the mid to late 90s. It was often a tense moment on the phone because once the reporter realized it was a PR pitch, you could actually feel the frustration.

What Content Costs: A Peek Inside Our Conversations With Prospective Clients

What Content Costs

At Scribewise, we’re really fortunate to be able to deliver a service that people are craving – high quality, audience-focused content. We tell people that we’re an outsourced newsroom that helps them execute their content strategy, and they’re all ears.

And then they ask how much we charge.

And we say, “It depends.”

Which is a completely unsatisfying answer, but also the complete truth.

Pet360 CMO Rose Hamilton: “Content Is The Foundation Of Engagement”

Pet360 CMO Rose hamilton

Over the last few years, Pet360 has transformed itself from a pure ecommerce play to a true media company, devoted to being a top information source for what the company calls “pet parents.” We had a chance to get a peak behind the curtain of the company’s approach to content strategy with the woman who’s driving that strategy, Rose Hamilton.

Content Marketing Imperative: Developing an Editorial Sensibility

Content Marketing Imperative: Developing an Editorial Sensibility

We all agree content marketing is the creation and distribution of audience-focused content, right? Here at Scribewise, we’d add in that the best content marketing is journalistic, which raises the bar for quality. Putting all this together, developing and executing a content strategy requires an editorial sensibility – an understanding of how to create and distribute high quality, audience-focused content on an ongoing basis.

And not many marketers have that.

(Sorry, but it’s true.)

5 Must-Have Qualities For Successful and Smart Content Marketers

Five Must-Have Qualities For Successful and Smart Content Marketers

So you want to work in content marketing? Excellent choice!

While developing smart content as a marketing strategy is not new, “content marketing” as a recent buzzword and career choice is taking the digital marketing world by storm. Consider these stats from the Online Marketing Institute’s State of Digital Marketing study:

  • Content marketing is the third most critical skill for digital marketers behind analytics and email marketing.

  • 68 percent of advertising and Fortune 500 marketing leaders believe content marketing is an important skill for applicants.

Sponsored Content: A Lesson in How to Do It Right

Image from Oh Joy! blog

If you’ve thought about doing sponsored content to build your brand recognition, lemme direct your attention to this recent story from Marketplace. It’s a great lesson on how to do sponsored content right.

The Surprising Thing About Google That's Holding Back Your Content Strategy

google needle

When was the last time your marketing team broadened its reach beyond Google? It’s hard to imagine because Google has disrupted everything from advertising, print publishing, broadcast and cable TV, motion pictures, mobile telephony and computer software and hardware makers. Brands are clearly addicted. Yet, beyond the clouds of Google, engaged customers are consuming content in different ways.

How To Fix Your Anemic Blog Traffic: Be Audience Crazy

How to Fix Your Anemic Blog Traffic: Be Audience Crazy

You convinced the CEO and the CFO to invest in a content strategy. You promised them it would drive business. You swore that you would track everything, measure the right KPIs, and guaranteed that inbound marketing would take the company to new heights. Now, you’re six months in and nobody is reading your content.


So, whatcha gonna do now?

Does The Audience Hate Your Content? [from Content Marketing Insider]

Does the Audience Hate Your Content?

Sirius Decisions’ Erin Povey recently wrote that, by and large, the audience “hates your content’s guts.” Wow - is that true? To a large extent it is, and reason is that the content is not being created for the audience; rather, it's being created for the creator. The focus is wrong. You're facing the wrong direction. And you're not connecting with the audience because they simply don't care about what you're giving them.

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