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Millennials Favor User Generated Content

Millennials Favor User Generated Content

Millennials. Can’t live with em’, can’t live—or be a successful brand—without ‘em.

Content Marketing: 9 Things Your Editor-in-Chief Does Every Day

content marketing  editor in chief

When you first plunge into content marketing, you’re probably focused on setting the overarching strategy and getting this new effort up and running. This is not easy to do for most brands, but it’s a process that most marketing departments are accustomed to – significant strategic discussions and decision-making, and then implementation of a campaign. But content marketing is no campaign; campaigns end, and an effective content strategy doesn’t. To successfully implement a content strategy, you need to figure out how to handle the day-to-day work of content creation. And that means you need to hire somebody.

Four Ways Content Marketing is Like Running a Race

Four Ways Content Marketing Is Like Running A Race

I’m in the midst of training for the Broad Street Run, a popular 10 mile race down one of Philadelphia’s most iconic streets. Running serves as an amazing metaphor for much of what we experience in life and just as I’ve discovered inspiration in pounding the pavement, I’ve found that running has many parallels to writing, content creation and marketing.

How to Reach a Million People Through Content Marketing

iStock 000012427923Small

Come here. I want to tell you something. Just you.

New Twitter Tool Can Help Your Brand Own the Moment


Every brand has a social media moment. But most marketers are inundated with hundreds of brand moments. That’s why real-time marketing strategies continue to be at the forefront of digital branding. Marketing in the moment fuels high-impact viral campaigns from Ellen DeGeneres' epic Oscars Twitter selfie to Lenovo’s planned viral videos. Now, the crème-de-la-crème of real-marketing channels has launched a new tool to help brands “own the moment.”

Audience-Focused Content: How Microbreweries Connect With Beer Fans

Audience-Centric Content: How Microbreweries Are Changing the Beer Industry

A couple of weeks ago, my fiancé and I were on a quest. Our mission? To find the latest Game of Thrones-inspired beer, released by Ommegang Brewery twice a year. And we weren’t only looking for one bottle. We wanted three different bottles that represented each of the three dragons from the show. Two stores, 30 dollars, and forty minutes later, we found success—and it was all worth it. 

Marketing Technology Is Not Enough

marketing technology is not enough

The explosion of marketing technology has created amazing possibilities for all of us. We can reach prospective customers like never before; we’re much closer to fulfilling the promise of the Internet. But there’s a problem with all this tech. As cool as it is, as powerful as it is, we need to remember that people are the creators and people are the consumers.

Meet SlideShare: The Social Platform You're Probably Not Using

slideshare logo

"I don’t know anything about SlideShare!  It sounds neat and simple."

That was the number one response I received after a presentation on how companies can stay more social in today’s changing online space. This came as quite a surprise considering the usual hype surrounding the other outlets I spoke about – Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and Facebook. 

Audience – great catch! SlideShare really is neat and simple.

Are You Marketing Like It's 1999?

customer lifecycle

Forget the funnel. Take that outmoded sales model and hide it in the back of the drawer. These days, marketing to consumers is a fundamentally different process. A recent webinar, Marketing Performance Accountability – evolving from campaign to customer-centric perspectives, sheds light on a new paradigm that forward thinking marketers are adopting.

You’re Probably Failing At Turning Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

brand ambassadors

You have an ironclad brand marketing strategy and your budget is flexible enough to create a real impact in a relatively short amount of time. Your senior partners are psyched and excited to witness the rise of a prolific brand. Things are looking great. But then the walls begin tumbling down internally – and you spend the rest of your time trying to pick up the broken pieces.  Why? Because your employees were never engaged – they could care less about your brand.

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