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A Report From The NewsCred Summit: Mind the [Content] Gap


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending NewCred’s Content Marketing Summit in NYC. The summit featured an all-star lineup, headed up by the former VP of Marketing at SAP, Michael Brenner, who is now Head of Strategy at NewsCred. Brenner appropriately discussed why he bet his career (you know, leaving a huge enterprise to go to a start-up) on content and how the future of the marketing industry can be found in the brands that successfully produce and promote great content.

Is the Rule of 7 Dead?

Rule of 7

The Rule of 7. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s the concept that your audience needs to hear your message at least 7 times before they’re moved to buy.

This rule has been around a long time, which begs the question: Is it still relevant in today’s marketplace?

What Marketers Need To Know: What "Value" Means to Millennials

pennies resized 600

Ever wonder why most millennials today won’t invest in that new car or prefer to rent rather than buy? It’s not because they don’t enjoy a good ride or that they despise landownership. It’s because they see value from a different perspective. Many are focused on achieving greater financial status before jumping into that big commitment. Combine student loan payoffs and a moderate economy and you have the makings of perhaps the most frugal consumer group in recent history.

Your Content Is A Bad Pickup Line. Here’s Why.

Content Marketing Can Turn Into a Bad Pickup Line

Walking up to a complete stranger, or someone you’ve seen there before but never met, can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if you find this person attractive. But you put your nerves aside and make the decision to strike up a conversation.

And cue the bad pick-up line.

Why Consumers are Fed Up with Your Marketing


Folks, I’m about to share some information with you that may forever change the way you market to consumers. But first, you should know that I’m currently in the market myself for a vehicle to be used mostly for long distance family vacations and light local travel. And while I may have just committed a deadly sin by divulging this information  in the end – I hope this serves as a wakeup call to brands. With so many models and options to choose from, today’s car buying experience can be daunting to say the least. But the more personal information I share, the more marketers get it wrong.

Content Marketing Lessons From The Release Of U2’s “Songs of Innocence”

Content Marketing Lessons from U2's Songs of Innocence

I’m a huge U2 fan. I know they get preachy, I know Bono makes you crazy, I know you think they’re old. But, hey, I get preachy, I make people crazy, and (today, officially) I’m old. So they fit me. And yesterday’s startling release of their new album – the way they did it, the music on it, the reaction – is exciting.

Tips For Conducting Awesome Content Marketing Interviews

Content Marketing Interview Tips

Content marketers are armed with the task of crafting articles, blog posts, and more that deliver information that makes your buyer more intelligent. And one way to do that is to interview an expert. Interviews are an opportunity to deliver a new viewpoint to your audience, create new connections, and create content that is journalistic – something the audience craves.

Is Your Content Trustworthy? [from Content Marketing Insider]

Is Your Content Trustworthy?

The reason to embrace content marketing is not because you read somewhere that it's the hottest thing going. The reason to embrace content marketing is because you realize a need to build trust with your audience, and you understand that audience-focused content is the best way to do that.

Content Marketing: 10 Things I’m Adamant About

Content Marketing: 10 Things I'm Adamant About

Content marketing is quite clearly a red-hot topic in the world of marketing – it seems like we’ve had nonstop conversation about it for at least two years. And despite all that talk, there still seems to be a lot of confusion over what is and what isn’t content marketing. Some people favor a very broad definition – it’s all content! – while others think it’s better to have a narrow focus on the definition, which can make those of those that feel that way seem a little curmudgeonly.

Spinning Consumers with the Virtual Reality Experience

Marketing: Spinning Consumers with the Virtual Reality Experience

I’ve never been in a severe tornado. Yet, the Weather Channel and movies like Twister have certainly shaped my perception. But, until you have seen the devastating power of a tornado firsthand, it’s been difficult to appreciate its impact – at least until now. Today’s high-tech environment is even more advanced than many consumers realize. In fact, the intersection of technology, science, and marketing has given rise to larger than life virtual environments – so much so that the average user believes, even for a moment, that it’s real. And when brands take advantage of virtual reality, consumers respond.

Products like the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset and Sony’s Project Morpheus are really pushing the limits of virtual reality with Total Recall-like realism that many consumers fantasize about. But, with great technology comes great responsibility. For marketers it means understanding the nuances that make virtual experiences so impactful for consumers.

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