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What is Content Marketing? 7 Definitions

what is content marketing? 7 definitions

Content marketing continues to be red hot, and the reason is simple – it works.

However, there’s a problem with it. The problem is a lot of people mean a lot of different things when they use the term content marketing. The result is that the term is overly broad, and that leads to discussion in which we’re all using the same words but those words have different meanings. And that causes problems.

We need to apply some rigor to defining content marketing. Otherwise, everything can be considered content marketing – everyone who ever put together an ad campaign will surely tell you that it is made up of “content.” And if everything is content marketing, then nothing is.

The 5 Professionals You Need On Your Content Marketing Dream Team

content marketing dream team

I have a confession. When I set out to write this post, it was originally titled “why PR pros make great content marketers.” As I got to writing, I realized that while yes, PR pros are a good fit for content marketing (and yes, I’m totally a little bit biased), I also realized that a true content marketing dream team is comprised of several different types of communications/media professionals.

Top Five Public Relations Takeaways of 2014 (So Far)


As brands across the globe scurry to put in place public relations plans for next year, it seems fitting in these last few months of 2014 to reflect on some of the most memorable concepts that caught our attention this year.

From the sound of your voice to the burger of your choice, here are the top five PR takeaways that should be considered when planning for 2015:

Content Marketing & Journalism: Not As Different As They're Telling You

Blurred Lines Between Content Marketing and Journalism

Our friends at Contently don't like the term "brand journalism" - they think it's the marketing equivalent of a plastic glass - an oxymoron. They say brand journalism simply doesn't exist. And I get their point, but I disagree.

Brands Need To Treat Customers Like Partners (And Content Can Help)

Brands Need To Treat Customers Like Partners (And Content Can Help)

Once upon a time in the history of marketing, brands said something to the marketplace, and the people responded by taking action.

It was a simple equation: Message X Distribution = Action.

Today, that equation is laughably inadequate.

Today, the relationship between a brand and its audience is not nearly as transactional as it once was; today that relationship is a partnership – or at least it should be.

Social Media Hype Alert: Ello Isn't All That

Ello Isn't All That

There’s a good chance that within the past two weeks, you’ve heard something about the “new” social network coined as the “anti-Facebook.” This new network, which actually launched in March, promises to be an ad-free zone with an emphasis on protecting the privacy of users by not individual tracking data and user behavior, and promising to never sell that data.

Lessons from the Worst Blogging Strategy Ever (or) the John Hughes Guide to Blogging

locker pic resized 600

Let’s indulge our inner curmudgeon today and look at a case study of how to get content completely wrong. (And then, I promise, we’ll talk about what to do instead.) Back when I was a freelancer, I used to check out job boards for various blogging gigs. One day, I ran across one that was so ridiculous I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.

Discovering your Public Relations Point of View


In all of our PR strategy sessions, one simple idea always seemed to rise above the high-level concepts and industry jargon. In fact, in my view, this idea is at the very core of every successful campaign. Beyond the expert commentary, hard news and creative attempts to promote a client’s “brand story,” there is a little thing called the PR Point of View (PR POV). Without it, no awareness or branding campaign is really sustainable. A PR POV becomes a resonant communications theme, unifying an organization's message both internally and externally.

Tips To Strengthen Your Content Writing Muscles

Tips To Strengthen Your Writing Skills

Some people are not great writers. There, I said it.

It’s the same as saying some people aren’t great at Math. I dare you to walk into a college classroom full of communication majors and pose a math problem. First, they will all look blankly around the room to see if anyone happens to know the answer. Then, the smartphone calculators will come out. I can attest to this from my personal experience – it was an ongoing joke in my years at La Salle.

But not being a naturally talented writer doesn’t mean you can’t become a great writer. Just like certain journalism students had to work a little harder than others to ace their college Math courses, you can work a little harder to become a stronger writer. Here's how.

Corporate Storytelling: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue [from Content Marketing Insider]

corporate storytelling: coming to your emotional rescue

As marketers, we're all driven by the dream of hitting a grand slam home run. We want to create a campaign or program that breaks through and creates a dynamic impact. And yet the path most marketers pursue actually prevents them from reaching this goal.

Too often, marketing departments put their noses down into spreadsheets, and lose the emotional aspect of what they're trying to do. And that is automatically limiting; because emotion, not numbers, is the gasoline that fuels marketing awesomeness. 

Click here to read my latest column for MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider.


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