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Your Biggest Content Creation Challenge: How


Start with why. That’s Simon Sinek’s branding advice, and it’s damn good advice for any business initiative. Understanding the purpose and being able to make other people on your team understand it is a critical foundation for success.

So, How Do We Create Content? A New Way To Look At Content Needs And Resources

How Do We Create Content

Being in the content marketing industry, I have spent a great deal of time brainstorming what companies can do – and what I’d like to see them do – in terms of content marketing. I spend lots of time coming up with great ideas for how companies can leverage content strategies – create and promote infographics, complete and publish primary research for lead generation, film short videos with nuggets of knowledge for thought leadership, and the list goes on, and on, and on…

Taking Content Marketing Back to Basics in 2015

Taking content marketing back to basics

When it comes to the fast-paced marketing and communications industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest fads, trends and shiny new social media networks.

Snapchat’s the latest craze among younger demographics...should our brand get an account?

Video’s all the rage...should we drop everything and start producing videos?

Sponsored content is growing and becoming more it smart for us to jump on board?

The Future of Marketing: No More 'Renting' Someone Else's Audience

rent vs own

Throughout the history of marketing, we’ve built on rented land.

Whether we were placing advertisements with media outlets in order to gain access to their audience, or placing stories with that media via media relations, we were renting someone else’s audience. Today, we have many more options to choose from – social platforms, newly emerging media outlets, etc. But still, when we focus on those newer platforms, we’re approaching marketing in the same way – we’re renting someone else’s audience.

Three Ways To Fuel Your Content Initiative

fuel your content fire

As a marketer, maybe you think “content” was so last year – and it was. But, keep in mind that it’s also “so this year” (trust me, a focus on good content is not going away) and the key for maintaining a successful content strategy in 2015 will be to take what you did last year and make it better by adding some new fuel to your content initiative fire.

The Silliness of “Content Selling”

the silliness of content selling

Apparently, “content selling” is now a thing. Or at least, it’s a term that people are using in an apparent effort to garner attention or rename something that has always existed… or something. But please, let’s stop.

Get Internal Buy-In For Your Content Marketing Initiative

get internal buy in for content marketing intiative

So, you’ve done your research and you know you need to launch a content initiative for your company. But, you also know that you aren’t the only one who needs to buy a ticket to board the content train to make that ride happen. So, to gain some traction and solicit fellow passengers for the excitement ahead, you need a clear strategy and tools to get that internal buy-in for your content initiative…and get your way.

Marketing Clarity: Something To Shoot For In 2015

Marketing Clarity

A friend of mine wrote on Medium over the weekend about the New Year and the importance of finding clarity in life. The post was very personal, but it occurred to me that finding clarity is a very worthy goal for all of us as we roll into 2015.

How Many People Does It Take To Build A Content Strategy?

building a content strategy

No, this isn’t a bizarre riddle with some witty answer – it’s a serious question.  But unfortunately, there is no finite answer. Instead, there is just one answer that is completely wrong.

And The Big Content Marketing Winner For 2014 Is….

big winner in content marketing

In many ways, 2014 saw an explosion of marketing technology.

Organizations took advantage of the amazing things that technology can do to create personalized experiences for the audience. We began to more fully access and begin to understand Big Data, and turn it into action. Smart people with money are on board the marketing technology wave; VentureBeat reports that there was more than $6 Billion invested in marketing technology over the last three months.

But, marketing technology is not the big winner in the world of content marketing this year.

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