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The Key to B2B Content Marketing Success in 2015

B2b content marketing successin2015

This past year, plenty of B2B companies embraced the idea of content marketing – and that is awesome. We can thank some of the industry’s biggest thought leaders who explained the importance of content marketing and outlined why [great and effective] content really is the foundation of all marketing.

Infusing Content Marketing Into Your Holiday Sales Strategy

COntent Marketing and Holiday SHopping

Since Black Friday, I’ve received approximately 250 emails from various stores, online shops and daily deals sites all trying to win my business this holiday season. I bet your inbox is in similar shape.

My 2015 Content Marketing Resolutions

2015 Content Marketing resolutions

It’s that time of year. When we look back and try to learn lessons from our mistakes and omissions of the previous 12 months, and resolve to make improvements in the year to come. And, boy, do I have some work to do.

So, let’s get to it – my New Year’s Content Marketing resolutions:

Should Your Social Strategy Focus On Sales? Maybe Not…and Why That’s Okay.

Should Your Social Strategy Focus On Sales

As marketers, we have to look at the big business picture. We have to look at the bigger vision and evaluate all the outlets and channels we are using and fully understand the customer journey and how each phase correlates to the sales funnel. Sometimes, this requires us to step back and stop focusing solely on the bottom line.

Content Marketing Lessons From Chip Kelly: Unleash The Chaos


When it comes to content marketing, the old way of creating marketing content won’t work for most organizations. It’s too stodgy, too slow. The herky jerky workflows strangle the creative process.

When Content Disappears Into The Black Hole of Approvals

content black hole

I bet I know what’s making you crazy.

Waiting for that article you wrote two weeks ago to get approved by the higher ups.

In many organizations, getting content approved is a huge obstacle standing in the way of success. Creating a steady flow of audience-focused content requires a certain pace and rhythm. While Real Time Marketing seems like something of a fad, a content marketing effort often requires a predictable rhythm – this helps the audience begin to rely on your content as a source of reliable information. A sloggy approval process can leave you flopping around aimlessly, pouring content into the black hole of approvals.

Content Marketing Tip: A Little LOL Never Hurt Nobody

A Little LOL Never Hurt Nobody

When it comes to content marketing, marketers often face the challenge of making marketing material funny. Why? Because people like to LOL and if you can make them laugh, a lot of times you end up winning.

But, the problem is that most marketers really just aren’t inherently that funny – or at least don’t know how to use the right kind of humor to create a successful marketing campaign that gets approval and achieves bottom line business goals. Oh, and one that makes people smile.

So, what is a marketer to do?

Are You Building An Audience You Can Own?

build an audience

Last year, I spoke to a big B2C brand trying to convince them that a content strategy could launch them to a new level. I failed; this old dog wasn’t ready for new tricks. And that’s because their old tricks – millions and millions of dollars of newspaper advertising – is still working for them. As far as they’re concerned, it isn’t broke, so they’re not going to fix it. Business is good, they’ve done the same thing for years, and their incentive to change is low.

Kardashians, Broken Internets, and A Quick Lesson in the Content Journey

content journey

In content marketing, we don’t create content “just to create content.” We are careful about what we produce and ensure that each piece of content is strategically created based on the bigger picture. We focus on where the content fits within the sales funnel and know that each piece will have its own content journey.

Four Content Marketing Predictions for 2015


Believe it or not, we’re in the homestretch of 2014 and the new year is just around the corner.

2014 proved to be a productive year for content marketing. According to a recent Forbes article about the rising popularity of the field, “Rather than using outdated, traditional methods of outbound marketing, businesses are finding that content marketing attracts customers and builds real trust between brands and consumers.”

That’s certainly what we preach here at Scribewise and we’re happy to see that more and more companies are getting on board and taking content marketing seriously as a means to impact the bottom line.

As we look toward the new year, here are four predictions for content marketing in 2015:

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