Writing Great Content and Fitness: They Have More In Common Than You Think

Posted by Jessica Lawlor on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 07:53 AM

Did you ever stop to think about how closely aligned the discipline of writing (and more importantly, writing well!) is to the discipline of fitness and working out?

As I sweat my way through FOCUS T25 in my living room this morning, several parallels between writing and fitness came to mind. For those not familiar, FOCUS T25 comes from Shaun T, the creator of the popular Insanity workouts- the program features five workouts, designed to be done 5-6 days per week, following a calendar for five weeks.

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Thoughts On Starbucks Launching A Media Company

Posted by John Miller on Mon, Mar 16, 2015 @ 07:04 AM

As you may have seen, Starbucks recently announced that it's launching a media company to produce longform documentaries about social issues the coffee company cares about. They've hired Rajiv Chandrasekaran away from the Washington Post to run the operation. This is exciting news in the world of content marketing.

Of course there are many questions to be answered about how this effort plays out. Contently's The Content Strategist took a look at some of those questions, and I was pleased to be one of the folks they spoke with. 

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Tackling that Content Strategy Session: How to Make it a Little Less Daunting

Posted by Kaitlin Loyal on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 07:10 AM

“Why do we need to do content marketing?”

This is a question you’ll likely face during your content marketing strategy session, depending on who’s in the room. You’ve already convinced the CEO that content will work; now you have to convince the people who may help you generate content—like product managers, for example—and they may not understand its purpose.

Your job is to convince them to get on board. Here are a few ways to make that task a little less daunting.

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Content Marketing Lessons from ‘House of Cards’

Posted by John Miller on Mon, Mar 09, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This post alludes to some of the plot for Season 3, but we're considering it spoiler-free.]

You’d never want to be like Kevin Spacey’s President Frank Underwood from the Netflix hit House of Cards. At least, I hope not – Frank is a despicable human being. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from him and apply it to content marketing. 

Episode 8 of the new season features two quotes that serve as reminders for content marketers – specifically, about what it takes to create great content.

In the episode, Underwood has hired a novelist to write a book to help sell a jobs program to the American people. That is, marketing. Interestingly, the author decides that the book should not mention the program; rather it should tell a story that moves and engages the audience. In other words, it is content marketing at its audience-focused, non-product-oriented best.

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Does Your Content Marketing Lack Velocity?

Posted by John Miller on Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 03:08 PM

Here’s today’s Quiz Question: Does your marketing team move fast enough? More specifically, can your marketing team create and distribute content at a pace that helps to drive business?

For a lot of organizations, the answer is “no.” Or maybe it’s “sometimes.” And that timing gap can be a significant problem when you’re trying to engage an audience that’s extremely busy and has approximately one zillion other options for consuming content. The pace of business has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years; is your content keeping up?

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How To Write Enticing Sales Copy To Support Your Content Marketing Efforts

Posted by Jessica Lawlor on Mon, Feb 23, 2015 @ 07:04 AM

We talk about content marketing strategy and tactics here all the time on the Scribewise Blog, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason WHY we spend so much time and energy creating unique, informative and useful content. It’s easy to lose sight of our original goals.

Ultimately, the reason we create content is to sell a product or service. 

Now that you’re creating and sharing content to promote your products and services, it’s time to take a look back at your sales copy to ensure your message is being communicated the way you intended.

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Content Marketing Silliness: Licensing Content

Posted by John Miller on Wed, Feb 18, 2015 @ 07:54 AM

A lot of brands are struggling with content creation. That’s not news – creating a steady stream of high quality content is hard work. And so a lot of brands are leaning heavily on licensing content from other sources, including big name media brands like Forbes, the New York Times, etc.

Which makes no sense.

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Content Marketing Smackdown: Marketing Automation vs. Storytelling

Posted by John Miller on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 09:57 AM

One of the really cool advances over the last few years is our access to data for marketing purposes. No more guessing! Now, we can see how every little move we make impacts sales. Finally, it’s possible to track a prospect from first touch, analyze how they move through the sales funnel, and determine what works and what doesn’t.

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Why Clickbaity Titles Might Not Be So Bad (Or “You Won’t Believe This Awesome #ContentMarketing Secret Trick!”)

Posted by Jen Cohen Crompton on Fri, Feb 06, 2015 @ 10:53 AM

Ask any content marketer how they feel about clickbait titles and chances are, the response will range on the continuum of emotions from lowly moans and groans to loud cheers and excitement. Simply put – marketers generally love them or hate them.

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Your Biggest Content Creation Challenge: How

Posted by John Miller on Wed, Jan 28, 2015 @ 11:48 AM

Start with why. That’s Simon Sinek’s branding advice, and it’s damn good advice for any business initiative. Understanding the purpose and being able to make other people on your team understand it is a critical foundation for success.

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