Some brands just know how to get it right. Earlier in the year, we looked at a few brands with some pretty amazing content marketing strategies. From Red Bull to Whole Foods, there are plenty of companies that are driving the conversation and staking out a position for themselves by creating epic content.

Sure, content marketing is quickly becoming the norm; we’re seeing an increasing number of companies devoting larger chunks of their marketing budget for content. Even still, it’s not an easy task to execute—it requires creative and strategic planning, a newsroom mentality, solid writing and content production skills, and a change in one’s marketing philosophy.

And since this is all easier said than done, let’s give kudos to three more brands that have found content marketing success.

Procter & Gamble

Although it’s going to take some time before P&G develops content for all of its brands, they’ve done an excellent job so far. Let’s start with the Pampers microsite. Aside from the obvious diaper promos, parents can also find a ton of helpful information that’s all about taking care of baby. Featuring tips on sleep to nutrition to skin care, and all of its distribution channels, such as Twitter and YouTube, have become great resources for moms and dads.

P&G also runs sites geared towards specific consumer demographics. The colorful is designed to educate pre-teen/teenage girls about their changing bodies and other issues currently affecting them (beauty, fashion, relationships). And then there’s the Martha Stewart-esque, which offers interior design ideas, recipes, crafts, and more for the older consumer. By catering to a wide range of their consumers, they’ve become a go-to for their customers.


It’s no surprise that a store that specializes in kitchen goods would have an appropriately themed content section, but their blog Taste is a step above the traditional foodie site that’s perfect for fine-dining lovers. Get dinner party ideas, learn how to preserve strawberries, or discover how to grow your own vegetable garden. They drive awareness through a robust social media presence, engaging with consumers on a variety of platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas or need to watch a chef prepare a dish step-by-step, you’ll find just what you need.

American Express

That’s right—content marketing isn’t just for the fun-loving food and retail industries. It can work for a variety of brands too. Although is a microsite that provides content geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners, I’d argue there’s something here for anyone in the professional world; the site’s content ranges from tips on management and productivity skills to updates on Google’s SEO algorithms to infographics on the changing CFO. And in doing so, AmEx becomes a company that doesn’t just provide you with a credit card, but one that also helps you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. And that’s a pretty cool thing.