Social media success for brands remains something of a mystery. A good number of businesses have not yet made the leap into social media marketing, and others do so in a somewhat random manner, not fully taking advantage of all the medium offers.

A recent webinar led by Dan Slagen, SVP of Marketing at Nanigans, and Anita Garimella Andrews, VP of Client Analytics Services at RJMetrics, explained what companies need to know about building and scaling Facebook marketing campaigns. “Social media ads are more cost efficient than other types of digital advertising,” explained Slagen, citing the quickest adoption rate and fastest growth of all social platforms. Nanigans is a SaaS social media buyer, placing ads on Facebook for over 250 marketers. At the moment, while 50 percent of people find products through search, 33 percent find goods and services via social, with Facebook leading the pack.

There are three keys to why Facebook is such a good venue for reaching prospects.

Unprecedented Targeting

The first secret of Facebook marketing is unprecedented targeting. Information about Facebook users is ridiculously precise. Because users willingly volunteer reams of details about their history and affinities, it is actually possible to come up with googol combinations, parsing data related to age, gender, language, education, device type, operating system, likes, interests, conversations, relationship status, education level, college, major, employer, position, actions taken with sites and apps, and offline purchase behavior. Facebook even goes so far as to determine if the user is on a Wifi connection.

Additionally, you can load your CRM database into Facebook via the Custom Audience function.

You might think that Facebook ads constitute push marketing, but because you can get so very granular and add in CRM functionality, the overall lift in impressions is massive. You’re either reaching people who have already engaged with your product, or people who are highly likely to take the bait. “Facebook is not a pull strategy because users haven’t searched for something, but it’s not a push strategy either, because people tell us what brands they are interested in,” said Slagen.

Great Visuals & Compelling Narratives

Second, once you’ve determined your target demographic, here’s where the best of content marketing comes into play. Great visuals and compelling narrative are key to successful Facebook marketing. Slagen says that creative can get lost in the mix. “There’s no one focused on creative as much as they need to be.” Great aesthetics, he said, can provide a 250 percent lift in conversions (e.g., increase in converting prospects to customers).  Focus on language and get a 75 percent lift. Think about it. When you are scrolling down your Facebook feed, what will make you stop? And what will make you click?

The Landing Page

Finally, the landing page on your site must be perfectly aligned with your ad campaign. If you get it wrong, even the tiniest bit, you will lose potential customers in a millisecond. Even something as seemingly insignificant as an ad for a gold watch leading to a landing page featuring the same watch in silver can turn a customer off instantly. Conversion rates plummet. You may need to run 40 ads a month, leading to 40 distinct landing pages, and the investment is worth it, according to Slagen and Andrews.

Creative impacts not just the conversion, but you are also setting an expectation for repeat activity with your customer, and that’s where the real money is.