About Us

Some brief history

John Miller founded Scribewise in Philadelphia in 2012 with the goal of helping organizations meet their exploding needs for high quality content. Since then, the company has grown into a significant voice in the marketplace, and content marketing has become the smartest way for businesses to market and grow. Since our founding, Scribewise has embraced the mission of helping our clients build better, trust-based relationships with their customers.

Content-first digital marketing

We’re a different type of digital marketing agency. All those other guys are pitching you on creating a Facebook strategy, or trying to convince you to run banner ads, or explaining to you how video is the hot new thing. In other words, they’re focused on tactics and channels.

At Scribewise, we believe (rather strongly) that we have to figure out the story and understand the audience before we even begin to consider tactics.

We call it content-first digital marketing.

It flips the equation on its head. Instead of creating marketing that your brand wants to create, we create marketing that your audience wants to consume. Think about it: This is going to be way more successful.

Relentless Advocates for Your Audience

Too often, there’s a gaping chasm between what a brand is selling and what the audience is looking for. Organizations need to understand that the Buyer’s Journey has changed, and the customer is now in charge of the relationship. This reality means you can’t continually blast sales messages at them; you need to have a helpful conversation with them over time in order to build trust.

Of course, this isn’t easy to do. As marketers, we need to lose that old muscle memory.

Scribewise can help. Our focus is always on your buyer personas – we don’t make a move without asking what is the customer thinking? And we’ll make sure we get you in front of those customers in a way that deepens and strengthens your relationship with them.

How we work

We believe that you’re paying for our expertise, not our time. So, while those other agencies are always watching the clock, we’re looking out on the horizon to see where we can take your business.

We strive to work as partners with our clients. That means we go above and beyond. We’re not going to nickel-and-dime you. You’re paying us to do a job. We’re going to do it.