Brands and social media seem to get along like peas in a pod these days. But that doesn’t mean companies aren’t skeptical about the latest social platforms on the market.

Why? Because not all social sites are ideal for marketing, especially when they’re brand spankin’ new and the platform is too restricting (e.g. Snapchat’s self-destructing short lived messages).

However, in order to join the ranks of social giants such as Facebook and Twitter, new platforms must learn to adapt to brands (and vice versa) to make the relationship work. Earlier this month, both Pinterest and Snapchat unveiled new features that not only improved the user experience, but also appealed to marketing departments everywhere. Let’s take a further look, shall we?

Fashion, Food, and Articles

Everyone knows Pinterest is laden with interior design ideas, recipe inspirations, and fashion tips, but did you know that it’s also used for sharing written content? Over 5 million articles are pinned to the site every day! So to better suit the needs of users and content creators, Pinterest debuted article pins earlier this month, which includes information about the article right on the pin itself, including the headline, author, story, description, and link back to the source. Previously, pinned articles looked like any other regular pin; they featured the image that accompanied the article and required the user to click through for more information as to what it’s about.

Since article pins stand out from the typical content found on Pinterest, users are now encouraged to save and share interesting articles by pinning them to a themed “reading” board, which they can design themselves.

Many high-profile individuals have already started taking advantage of such reading boards, such as Arianna Huffington and Dr. Oz. Here we find people becoming the go-to source for not only themselves, but ultimately their brands as well.

So whether you’re pinning articles or gathering them to further cement your role as a thought-leader in your industry, Pinterest is the next way to go if you haven’t dabbled in it already.

Snappy Stories

While Snapchat kicked off on the wrong lewd foot, it’s made a major comeback and is now expected to become a multi-billion dollar company. But despite it’s growing popularity, brands typically left the app alone since images only lasted for a few seconds—but that’s all about to change. Earlier this month, Snapchat announced a new feature called Stories, which allows users to string snaps together to create a narrative that has a 24-hour lifespan.

While some brands have already started using this to post limited-time-only coupons and small contests to spark user engagement, there’s potential for marketers to get creative with their narratives, ala Vine or Instagram videos. Since this is unchartered territory, it’s up to you to decide what kind of content you want to make to represent your brand—whether it features your products, services, relevant company news or events, or even a compilation of fan photos.

While it’s exciting to see these platforms stepping up their game, we can’t help but wonder, who’s going to follow suit next?