B2B Content Marketer 

Posted December 12, 2021

We’re looking for a digital marketer who lives at the intersection of strategy and content creation, and is a good enough writer to not rely upon hoary cliches like “the intersection of…”

We want someone who can understand complex B2B concepts. Someone who can create a compelling narrative out of disparate facts. Someone who doesn’t need to be spoon-fed. Someone who’s a jargon slayer. Someone who raises their hand and asks why. Someone at least slightly obsessed with the latest marketing trends. Someone who wants to be on a team because they believe teams can achieve more than siloed individuals.

Check a bunch of those boxes? Then let’s dig into the deets. 


Interested in applying?

Just drop your name, email and LinkedIn profile URL here. If we think you’re a fit, we’ll reach out.

We’re on the hunt for a B2B content marketer who brings:

  • A strategic mindset. Yeah, yeah, everyone says this—we mean we want someone who is not an order taker; we’re looking for someone who takes the time to understand the clients’ business goals and helps develop a marketing program that achieves those goals. 
  • The courage to be creative. Just because the client requested X and we said we’d deliver X, every now and then we want you to consider Y, if you think it achieves the goal in a better way.
  • Outstanding writing ability in complex B2B industries, particularly insurance and/or SaaS. If you don’t have experience in these industries, please save yourself the time.
  • Proven success in content writing, journalism and social media.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in content development, media relations and/or social media management.
  • A willingness and ability to participate in strategic discussions, both internally and with clients.
  • The ability to be self-managing, well-organized and do hands-on work with minimal supervision. But…
  • A passion for working alongside great colleagues with the goal of creating great work.
  • Professional enthusiasm.
  • A sense of humor.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Strategic campaign development for clients, taking into consideration all possible marketing channels.
  • Research in specific B2B verticals to gain understanding of client industries, developing into an ability to lead the client.
  • Content creation, particularly in the insurance or SaaS industries. This includes the ability to develop and manage an editorial calendar and create significant volumes of written content.
  • Work closely with designers and others to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Support Scribewise marketing with blog posts, content experiments, longer pieces, social media participation, etc.

What’s our office policy, you ask?

Like many companies, we’re seeking a balance between maximizing your life, and making work as rewarding as possible.  

Today (October 2021), we’re all working from home. 

Our plan is to have a new office in the heart of Center City Philadelphia sometime in Q1 2022. Why would we do that? We work better together that way … and we pretty much like each other. Importantly, we’ve always offered everyone as much flexibility as they need.

So, the tentative plan when we have an office is:

  • Employees who live within 50 miles of the office will be expected in three days a week. We are not going to take attendance. We’re not going to have sign-up sheets to be in the office. We’re going to treat everyone like adults.
  • Because we are a family-friendly company, any parent with a pre-school age child will have these expectations waived.
  • Employees who live between 50 and 100 miles from the office will be considered “near-remote” employees and the in-office expectations will be mostly waived.
  • Employees who live further than 100 miles from the office are “fully remote employees” and will not be expected to come to the office. 

About Scribewise

Scribewise is a brand dialogue agency. We help our clients drive the conversation with their customers, prospects and employees in order to create trust-based relationships.

Brand story development is often where we start, and from that point there are three core components of the work we do:

Analytics underpins all our work.

To learn about our values and what it’s like behind the curtain, spend a few minutes with our Culture Page.