There’s a good post this morning at the Content Marketing Institute by Dave Thackeray on a very simple, but elusive topic – make your content exciting. Simple idea, not always easy to do.

In B2B marketing, finding and delivering excitement can be a challenge, simply because there is usually a lack of organizational courage for risk-taking. Making your messages exciting requires stepping out of the comfort zone. We’re not talking about screaming your sales messages louder; we’re talking about delivering your value proposition in a new and different way.

And more than ever before, we’re talking about using images. Images that go beyond the standard good looking, diverse business people that is on everyone’s website. Images that draw in the audience. Images that tell a story. Consider this statistic from Marketo – 75 percent of the sensory neurons in our brains are processing visual information. That means we’re all visual learners; people remember images better than words. It’s why TV is bigger than radio, it’s why Pinterest is bigger than Google+, and it’s why Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram.

Smart brands like Starbucks and Whole Foods are getting on the image bandwagon and are seeing significant traffic coming from their Pinterest and Instagram pages. Obviously, those are consumer brands; being image-oriented can be difficult for a lot of B2B companies, but the concept should not be dismissed out of hand.

Maybe your clients aren’t on Pinterest when they’re making buying decisions, but that doesn’t mean your blog or website can’t be visually appealing. It doesn’t mean you can’t create a Tumblr page off your website.

These sites have taken off in large part because they’re visually appealing and they are not text heavy. Repeat – they are not text heavy! So cut your text in half. Then cut it in half again. And put a big beautiful image on it.

Your customers will notice. And maybe even get excited.