How awesome is your brand? In your customers’ eyes, it’s probably not quite as awesome as you think it is. Don’t yell at me—I’m just the messenger.

The reality is that most people are not thinking of your brand day and night, even if they profess their love for it. That’s the premise of a blog post I had published this week at MarketingProfs.

Here’s an excerpt:

The idea that people love brands and they are hopelessly devoted to them is—brace yourself—false.

I know, heresy… right?

But think about it. What brands do you love? I mean, really love. What product or service category would you absolutely positively not cheat on? In other words, if you love Coke but all the restaurant has is Pepsi, will you still drink a soda? For most people, the answer would be “yes.”

Consider something you buy frequently—maybe the brand of soap you buy. I always buy Dove soap; but it isn’t love, it’s habit. It works, it’s fine. If the company went out of business tomorrow, I’d recover. Think about your favorite beer. (I suspect you have one.) But is it the only beer you ever buy?

You can read the full post, Brand Love is Bullsh*t … So Now What Do We Do? Five Things at MarketingProfs.

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