Your Story is Your Strategy

Our branding beliefs

At the heart of our approach to branding is our belief—and we’re willing to fight about this—that your brand is not a logo. 


Your brand is your story. And your story is your strategy.

Stories are memorable. Stories inspire. Stories work.

We want to work with you to make your story—and therefore your strategy—sharp enough to cut glass.

Good news, storytelling is our superpower

We help you bring your story to life, finding your marketing sparks and aligning everything around it.

When your story is well told and expertly delivered to your audience, it changes the trajectory of your company. Your story becomes a framework for growth. 

But uncovering a story that has the power to energize the company and fuel a brand dialogue isn’t easy.

Building your brand story platform

First, we need to understand the world in which you’re operating. That is, what is your company’s brand dialogue today? What are people—customers, prospects, employees—saying about you, and what are they not saying about you? And are they shouting from the rooftops, or mumbling to themselves? 

Once we understand your reality, we can build a compelling narrative that positions your customer as the hero. Our goal is to help them feel the possibilities: You will help them achieve their hopes and dreams. They’ll see you as exactly the type of company they want to do business with.

We architect an actionable brand story platform for you. That means building the brand foundation, developing the narrative elements and recommending ongoing narrative expressions.

The hard work of creating something simple

The goal is to create something simple. Simple for customers to understand. Simple for you to execute. 

Getting there isn’t easy. We’re going to take some chances. We might upset some apple carts. Don’t freak—our strategic framework will keep us on track and get us to the finish line on time.

To learn more about our branding work for companies like yours, check out our case studies.