At the heart of our approach to branding is our belief—and we’re willing to fight about this—that your brand is not a logo. It’s your story. And your story is your strategy.

Stories are memorable. Stories inspire. Stories work.

We want to work together with you to make your story—and therefore your strategy—sharp enough to cut glass.

Better Branding Through Relentless Advocacy

We believe in being relentless advocates for your customers—you know, those busy, distracted people you’re trying to sell something to. By putting ourselves in their shoes and poking and prodding your brand story, we’re going to make it better.

We believe in the power of story to help your business succeed, and our goal is to tell the world the best possible story about your brand. It isn’t about building this story; it’s about stripping away the excess and the noise.

We Don't Have All the Answers; We Have All the Questions

Our journalistic curiosity drives our brand development process. It’s all about the questions we ask, and the way we uncover your organization’s stories.

Who are you? Why do you exist?

We don’t believe in dictating to you how best to engage your market. We believe in working side-by-side with you to help you make everything you’re doing a wee bit better, so you can create a better trajectory for your business.

Getting Started

We begin with our proprietary Branding Boot Camp, an in-depth kickoff meeting built upon our journalistic approach to creating a story your customers will love.

We probe deeply into the essence of your business. Our goal is to understand your internal and external environment, the realities and myths … and maybe to even slay a few sacred cows.


The Hard Work of Creating Something Simple

The goal is to create something simple. Simple for customers to understand. Simple for you to execute. Getting there isn’t easy, but our established process for developing and implementing your strategy is a roadmap to success.

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