Advertising. It’s the thing that separates drug dealers from every other kind of salesperson. If you are Jesse Pinkman selling meth, you cannot put your face on a bus bench, or create questionable TV commercials like Breaking Bad attorney Saul Goodman.

Despite the lack of outbound marketing, the dealers on the AMC hit series do a bang up job, selling tons of product and bringing in millions in cash.

The show wraps up this weekend, and there are a lot of people who haven’t yet seen the whole series, so I promise I won’t slip in any spoilers here. I’m more interested in looking at how content marketing is like drug dealing, except of course, unlike the meth slingers on Breaking Bad, content marketing is all the thrill and none of the risk. It is totally and completely legal.

So. Let’s say, like a drug dealer, you cannot advertise. That option has been taken away from your marketing effort. In the legit world, with an average online clickthrough rate of under 1 percent, you might as well put ads on the back (Bunsen) burner.

Without ads, you must rely on the quality of the product you put out. It has to be the best, and deliver the promised result. Ninety-two percent pure. Your product aligns with customer needs. If you put out a crappy product, no one will come back for more. And the goal is repeat visitors. Your content must be excellent, its qualities aligned with the needs of the people out there looking. Not 60 percent. If Walter White won’t abide, neither will your content audience.

Another quality of the White and Pinkman product is brand recognition. Their meth is blue, and the color differentiates it from other bags of speed on the market. Not only should your content be aligned with audience needs, but it should be different, in a good way, from the other content out there.

Are your articles 50 percent filler? No one’s going to come back for another hit. The higher the quality, and the more rewarding the experience, the better the chance your buyers will be back. Over and over. You can’t tell them what to like. All you can do is offer the best product, and like that blue meth, word of mouth will spread quickly.

We are seriously looking forward to the series finale this Sunday night. The program is our habit because it’s totally excellent content. We are about to bump those last lines.