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There’s no shortage of health and travel information online nowadays, but back in 2008 there was very little to be found. And even today, finding good information about how to stay healthy and safe on your next international trip to Bahrain or Machu Picchu can still be a challenge. So we launched a community and a resource called Healthy Travel Blog to help Global Citizens Association bridge that gap.

Over a decade later, Healthy Travel blog is an important voice for health-conscious travelers, visited by more than 15,000 people every month. 

Today, the community provides first-hand reports about healthy activities to pursue on your next international trip, health-conscious recipes inspired by dishes from around the globe, and tips on how to get where you’re going—and get home fast when a problem or illness occurs. It’s part Lonely Planet, part international cookbook, with a dose of your mom reminding you to pack that very important thing that will make or break your trip.

What We Delivered

Back in 2008 when “content marketing” wasn’t yet the marketing force it is today, we launched Healthy Travel Blog. We were travel writers who didn’t travel, but some smart research and creativity helped establish a foothold that attracted contributions from actual travel writers.

Today, we act as editor-in-chief for a stable of health-focused bloggers and travelers who know what it’s like to really be there. We’re also the community manager for thousands of people who visit the site to find out what it’s like to really be there. 

We also manage Healthy Travel Blog’s social media presence and analytics. Traffic continues to grow. 

Healthy Travel Blog has become a fast-growing, multi-channel marketing machine.

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