Careers at Scribewise

Do you geek out over helping complex businesses tell their story? Does your pulse quicken talking about the Oxford comma? Do you feel your current job has you on the activity treadmill and what you really want is to be doing work that has real impact?

Scribewise might just be the place that can scratch those weird itches of yours. We’re a hybrid team that enjoys working together to humanize complex business conversations.

See below for specific openings. 

(And if you’re on the fence, wondering whether this is really how you want to spend a big chunk of your waking hours, maybe spend a couple of minutes reading about our culture.)

Open Positions

Senior Account Supervisor

Scribewise is hiring a Senior Account Supervisor—a competent, confident marketer with 10+ years of B2B marketing experience who can zoom in on the details, and zoom out to understand the big picture and help our clients succeed.

This is an important leadership role on our team, directly guiding and managing key client relationships. 

As Senior Account Supervisor, you’ll have substantial responsibility for 5-6 client relationships. We’re looking for a confident and creative leader who can both think and do. Someone who inspires their colleagues. Someone who is an outstanding writer and a damn good verbal communicator. Someone who isn’t afraid to ask why. 

Check a bunch of those boxes? Then let’s dig into the deets.

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B2B Multimedia Designer

Scribewise is hiring a Multimedia Designer—a competent, confident marketer with 2+ years of design experience who embraces our “no passengers” mindset and can expand our design offering.

The person in this position will work closely with our Creative Director to create impactful content experiences for our clients.

As our Multimedia Designer, you’ll breathe life into the visual identity and marketing for clients across a variety of B2B industries. You’ll help to set the direction and execute the design for everything from social chips and infographics to story streams, websites, white papers and sell sheets—and new ideas that you cook up with our Creative Director.

Check a bunch of those boxes? Then let’s dig into the deets.

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