Case Study: Ability Network of Delaware

The disability services system had been chronically underfunded, and the state of Delaware was edging towards potential calamity.

How do we shine a spotlight on these often forgotten citizens?

As we dug in to the heart of the matter, we kept coming back to the interconnectedness of Delawareans—it’s a small state where everybody knows your name. That insight led us to create the #YouKnowUs campaign. People want to help their friends and neighbors, and that’s exactly who A.N.D.’s “customers” are—friends and neighbors facing challenges. The campaign told the stories of those in need.

In six months, the #YouKnowUs campaign quintupled A.N.D.’s social media following, demonstrating that the group has a major societal impact in Delaware. Suddenly, important people—legislators, the news media and other influencers—are paying attention.

About Ability Network of Delaware

An umbrella organization comprised of 40 non-profit agencies providing services to those who need it most: adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health challenges.

713,536 people reached through newspaper ads
638% increase in Facebook audience for Ability Network of Delaware
$4,670,000 funding secured for Ability Network of Delaware

The campaign that started it all.

Using Facebook to reach all Delawareans

By uncovering and creating compelling stories about people receiving A.N.D.’s services, we began to capture the hearts and minds of Delawareans. The emotion-filled stories we developed are a natural for the Facebook audience, and led to exponential audience growth.

Ability Network of Delaware Facebook growth

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