Case Study: Aramark

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Aramark had a major RFP due and, as the deadline for submission drew near, they knew they needed something more to put them over the top. They turned to Scribewise. Our mission was to craft a compelling story to bring to life what was otherwise a very technical proposal. And get it done by the end of the month.

Digging in to reams of information provided by Aramark, conducting interviews and research, our journalistic radar quickly located the storyline—this wasn’t about providing food to employees, this was about creating an energized workforce. Yes, the details of this story included healthy recipes and scalable processes, but it was all in service to fulfilling the dream of tomorrow’s workplace. Our theme: Tomorrow starts today.

We delivered a detailed, 10,000-word story tied to the theme that was woven throughout the RFP response.

Oh yeah—they won the work.

About Aramark

Provides outsourced services for food, facilities and uniforms.

Aramark RFP by Scribewise