About Corporate Synergies

Corporate Synergies is a national insurance and employee benefits brokerage and consultancy that delivers smarter solutions based on its deeper understanding of the industry.

Corporate Synergies’ Mission

To ensure that Corporate Synergies’ clients have the best, most affordable business insurance for their specific needs.

Corporate Synergies + Scribewise

Scribewise has helped Corporate Synergies establish a strong thought leadership position in the industry.

John Turner, CEO

Brian Feeley, SVP, Marketing

Ellen Hosafros, Director of Corporate Communications

On hiring Scribewise

John Turner:  We were working with a well-known PR agency in New York; however we weren’t seeing any ROI.  We wanted to further our position in the marketplace, not simply produce press releases.  We wanted to craft meaningful content to demonstrate our expertise. Scribewise was the one firm that presented the approach we were looking for.

Ellen Hosafros: Scribewise introduced a collaborative process that worked for us. The fact that they can handle content creation was a huge advantage. Too many times in the past, we’d have an idea, but no way or no time to execute it. Scribewise’s approach eliminates that significant obstacle.

Brian Feeley: I was not yet working at Corporate Synergies when Scribewise was hired. And so as the new head of marketing, I wanted to quickly understand how they were going to advance our cause. I had experience working with one of the largest PR firms in the world and therefore had certain expectations and quite honestly some doubts. I quickly learned that Scribewise had an approach that was right for Corporate Synergies. Content development was key to any success and they focused on a structure and process that would build trust and eventually leadership in our space.

Putting the content marketing process to work

Ellen Hosafros: Scribewise helps us brainstorm topics and create an editorial calendar of relevant topics and then targets specific Corporate Synergies SMEs for bylines. They conduct SME interviews, write the article and then collaborate with the SME to finalize a pitch-worthy article. Our SMEs do not have to be writers, they just need to know their topics. Scribewise makes it all come together in a quick and easy fashion.

Brian Feeley: This is a relationship business, but the nature of those relationships has changed; now they’re online. That demands that you have something to say. Scribewise does a great job of taking our internal SMEs’ knowledge and turning it into consumable content that our prospects and clients are looking for. They’ve helped to position both our people and our brand as industry thought leaders.

Ellen Hosafros: For the last several years we’re averaging an astonishing 95 percent pick up rate of our stories with the media outlets that matter most to us. A big part of that is because Scribewise always views the work through that media lens – they’re very good at turning a so-so idea into one that works, and they’re also good at pushing back on an idea that isn’t up to snuff.

Brian Feeley: Once our content is placed with those key media outlets, we publish it on our website, use it for our social media feeds and even include the articles in RFP responses. One of the efforts we’re most proud of is the annual award-winning magazine we create in-house, The Current Insurance Journal, which features these articles. The Current is a glossy magazine that serves as a great collateral piece for our business development efforts.

Success, every day

Brian Feeley: Our marketing department does A LOT, and having Scribewise on board takes away a ton of pressure; we know that everything they’re working on is going to be handled, and handled well.

Ellen Hosafros: Before we hired Scribewise, we only had one or two media placements a year. The obstacle: Employee benefits is a me-too industry with many players vying for media attention. We were lost in the crowd. Scribewise tapped into our unique value prop and guided us into the role of a proactive resource for the media. Now, we’re in targeted media just about every week. As a bonus, this near 100% industry media placement record has led to articles and interviews in major regional and national media. Reporters are calling us! We’re taken very seriously in our industry. With Scribewise, we went from zero to 150 miles per hour.


In 2011, the year before Corporate Synergies hired Scribewise, they had a paltry three media placements in news outlets with a total circulation of 104,522.

Scribewise was hired in 2012. We set about establishing the company as a thought leader, placing bylined articles in targeted vertical industry publications such as Employee Benefit News and Property Casualty 360.

Today, Corporate Synergies’ media exposure has increased dramatically, and the company has been featured in numerous national business publications, including Huffington Post, Fortune, CFO and Newsday. In 2015, Scribewise secured 58 media placements with a total circulation of 25,104,533.