Case Study: Global Citizens Association

In 2008, we came up with the idea for Healthy Travel Blog (HTB) way before anyone even used the term content marketing. It was our recommendation for solving the reality that the media covers health, and it covers travel, but it really doesn’t cover healthy travel.

Ten years later, Healthy Travel Blog is an important voice for health-conscious travelers.

At first, we provided the content that helped establish HTB as a voice for travelers. Then we took over analytics and strategy. Then we took over social media management. Then we took over email marketing. The more we dig in, the more HTB grows—just in 2017, traffic jumped 37 percent, the Facebook audience grew by 184 percent and HTB’s subscriber base was up 284 percent.

It’s become a fast-growing, multi-channel marketing machine.

About Global Citizens Association

An educational non-profit with a mission of helping its members successfully pursue international living experiences that increase cross-cultural understanding.

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“Scribewise drives us forward so that we can have the greatest possible impact.”
– Mike Hartung, GCA Chairman