Really good marketing is the same as hitting it out of the park at a networking event.

Meeting new people in a casual business setting is one of the great opportunities to talk up your company and get the word out through one on one conversation. And it’s also one of the great fears, right up there with public speaking. Rationally, you know the gathering is full of potential to generate leads and create valuable business connections, but inside you may be shaking like a leaf.

I’m going to let you in on a bit of wisdom that works like a charm to ease social anxiety. When you walk into a room of people you don’t know, it’s just that you don’t know them yet. The instant that you introduce yourself, your target is no longer a stranger. You build trust with a broad smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. That’s all it takes to turn a risk into a win.

Apply that same thinking to your content marketing strategy. Don’t fear the encounter with a stranger online, because the moment you engage a reader, you’ve got a new connection. Do the electronic equivalent of a smile and handshake and let them know you see eye to eye.
Every website reflects the personality of the entity it represents, be it an individual or a major corporation. And the experience of visiting a website is very similar to meeting a stranger in a crowded room.

Some websites are uptight and afraid to let you in. It’s like a building with no windows and doors. You wouldn’t want to talk to people like that at a cocktail party, and you sure don’t want to spend any time on their site. Other websites are welcoming and open, and make you feel like staying awhile and chatting. Creating friendship with people who were strangers just a minute ago is the goal of a content rich site.

Do online what you do in person. Turn on the charm, make your present company comfortable, and they’ll be yours forever.