Content Marketing

Story before tactics

It’s likely that everyone is telling you that you need content. But we disagree—content is merely the bridge to what you really need, which is customers. More customers. Better customers. Raving-fan customers.

However, to do that, you need high quality content. So let’s talk about how we can help you there.

Here are some of the content initiatives we’re working on right now

Content Hubs

Content hubs have emerged as the smartest way to engage with the audience and drive the conversation. They’re destinations that can house a wide variety of content types—branded content, curated content, videos, social media content, etc.

We conceive, develop and manage content hubs for several clients. We typically serve as “managing editor”—charged with ensuring the overall vision is fulfilled, creating and distributing content, and managing the process.

Blog posts

The bread and butter of content marketing. We humbly submit that our team is really good at delivering high-quality blog posts in your brand voice.

eBooks and whitepapers

Authoritative, smart and forward-thinking. That’s how you want your organization to be viewed. Impactful long-form content can separate you from the pack, create trust with your audience and drive your lead gen efforts.

Our team of storytellers conceptualizes and develops eBooks and whitepapers that serve as major pillars of your content marketing initiative.

Email newsletters

What’s old is new again. Email has reemerged as just about the best way to connect with your customers and prospects. The key is to do it in a compelling way, and understand how to strike a chord without overstepping; obnoxious emails get deleted. We help our clients create content-driven newsletters that guide prospects along the buyer’s journey.

Sales decks

Fact: The best sales presentations tell stories. Before your prospects want to know about your features, they’re looking for a reason to believe. Stories are the proven best way to connect.

Our team can help you develop the story that drives “challenger sales” conversations, and design an impactful sales deck that helps you win more business.


Please don’t feel like you have to check the box on creating video. Like every other form of content, video for video’s sake doesn’t work.

However, when the time is right and the story is compelling, video might just be the best way to bring that story to your customers.

Whether it’s an unscripted video shot on an iPhone, or a scripted piece that requires a full crew and equipment, Scribewise can make your video marketing pop.


It’s estimated that 66 percent of the population are “visual learners”—they need to see something to truly understand and remember it.

We create infographics that grab your audience by the eyeballs and propel them forward as they devour your content.