This morning I got the Slideshare newsletter and one of the headlines was, “Content marketing for marketers who don’t like to write.” You don’t need to click through to that story. Because there’s one simple truth: if you are a marketer who doesn’t like to write, you will make a lousy content marketer. So hang it up now.

Good content marketing does require professional writing skills, but it’s so much more. You need to have your finger on the pulse. You need to have a nose for news, and a bit of clairvoyance. At Scribewise, our noses have been buried in the news for so long you can read headlines in reverse on our faces.

Knowing what people want to read gives us the inside track on content strategy. It takes years of absorbing current events to know how to craft the headlines of the future. If you have been working solely in a marketing capacity, you are not the right person for the job. Sure, content marketing is the new hot trend and everyone wants in. But it’s just not that easy.

ScribeWise founder John Miller and I met two decades ago, crafting 30-second stories for broadcast on the local Fox newscast. It was trial by fire then, learning how to boil down some pretty complex issues that would both keep viewers’ attention and inform. Before that, John had been at KYW news radio, and I at NPR.

Now we’re on the other side of the increasingly blurry line between journalism and marketing.

Writing comes naturally to the team at Scribewise. We can’t help ourselves. We love to write. But unlike most reporters, we understand the need to create a strategy that makes business sense before blurting out prose that might get some attention but that doesn’t have an end goal in mind.

Content marketers who are going to succeed must be pros when it comes to telling strategic stories. They must understand what appeals to the audience, what grabs their attention, what makes them want to share an article and what keeps them coming back. And, yes, content that appeals to search engine algorithms.

It’s not enough to know that content marketing is a good idea. And it’s definitely not enough to follow a boilerplate content marketing to-do list. People blathering on about content strategy will not succeed, because content marketing requires disciplined execution – day in, day out quality content creation. If your team can’t do it, don’t waste your time.

It takes actual skill, experience and native talent combined with an understanding of both news and marketing.