Holy smokes! It’s true – content marketing really is on the rise.

A new study from IDG shows that B2B marketers are fully embracing the importance of content to their overall marketing strategy. IDG reports that content marketing now accounts for approximately 30 percent of marketing budgets, compared to 20 percent last year.

This is logical, and something we expect to continue to rise. The reason is simple – content is the bedrock on which to build virtually all of your marketing efforts; without something to say to the marketplace, the rest of your marketing will fall short.

But the bigger point is that B2B marketers believe in content.

And the bigger issue is that they’re still struggling to execute.

According to the IDG report, the biggest challenge B2B marketers say they face is finding the time and/or bandwidth to create content – 56 percent say devoting the resources to content creation is their biggest hurdle. And 45 percent said they had an issue creating enough content to satisfy their audiences.

The second biggest issue they face is creating “truly engaging content” – 53 percent said this was a problem.

Marketers need a dedicated content creation resource that can deliver quality. They need a resource that can deliver professional quality. They need both time and talent.

(Hold on… blatant sales pitch coming …)

We would argue that this is a classic outsourcing situation – marketers have a need that is hard to fulfill – they’re searching for both quantity and quality on a budget. They need a team of professionally trained journalists, but finding the right talent and being able to afford them is a daunting prospect. That’s why we built ScribeWise – we’re an outsourced newsroom to drive content marketing for organizations that want to play this game, but have a hard time on the execution piece.

Even if the Scribewise model is not something that works for your organization, content marketing is here to stay and you need to figure out what your strategy is, and then also figure out how to execute it. More and more, producing a steady flow of quality news marketing content is a requisite for engaging your audience in a meaningful conversation … a conversation that ultimately leads to sales.