Financial Services Content Marketing

For a couple decades now, financial services pros have been chasing baby boomers, hell bent on getting greater share of wallet from the wealthiest generation in history. Now, you can see a new major wealth transfer just over that next hill—which means the fight to attract the attention and business of millennials is beginning.

As you might know, this generation is looking for something different from what their parents wanted. For starters, they’re comfortable with change (gulp); studies show most millennials will change financial advisors. That’s a bit daunting for banks, advisors, wealth managers and others … but also an opportunity.

Content Marketing is the new way to connect to customers

Back when mom and pop were looking for someone to help them with their money, they asked their friends to point them in the right direction. Today’s customers are doing pretty much the same thing, except they’re doing the asking online and they have a lot more “friends.”

In other words, it’s all happening digitally. Today’s financial customers are looking for someone they can trust. Of course, trust doesn’t just happen. It needs to be earned.

So, how will you do that? Content.

Not content about you; content about them. Content that helps them understand the complex world of money. Creating this content that earns the customers’ trust means changing from old school promotion-oriented marketing, shaking off that muscle memory and building an honest-to-goodness digital relationship with customers and prospects.

Thought leadership content builds trust

Your clients are trying to figure out which company has their best interest at heart, and which company just wants to dip its hand in their pocket. (You want to work with them, but first you have to show them you care.)

You know what’s valuable? Simplifying the complex. Most customers are not paying rapt attention to what’s happening in financial markets, where interest rates are headed, or what banking bill Congress is considering. They don’t need to know every detailed nuance about these topics; they need easy-to-understand, engaging analysis of how it impacts them. In other words, they need helpful content that helps them manage/grow/save their money.

Creating and distributing custom, original content that demonstrates your unique approach will show your clients that you care about their success—and ultimately help you earn their trust.

Content marketing: Don’t do what everyone else is doing

We bet you’ve heard about (and maybe even subscribe to) one of those social media services that delivers compliance department-approved content. The problem with those services is that every one of your competitors that signs up gets the exact same content. Not exactly the best way to differentiate your company. (Plus, the content is kinda lame.)

Look, this isn’t easy. Banks, wealth managers and fintech firms are all facing the same challenge—whether B2B or B2C, virtually every firm is saying the same thing. The only way to make this happen is to create custom content—stuff only you have. That’ll make you stand out, but it also means you need to plan ahead and build in time for the compliance folks to make sure the content is compliant.