Financial Services Content Marketing

Financial services professionals have been chasing Baby Boomers for a couple of decades now, hellbent on getting share of wallet from the wealthiest generation in history. Now, the next marketing battle is upon us – the fight to attract the attention and business of Millennials.

And this generation is looking for something very different from their parents. For starters, studies show that most of these children will change financial advisors. For banks, advisors, wealth managers and others, there is both opportunity and risk in this reality.

Content Marketing is the new way to connect to customers

This new landscape demands a new approach. Study after study has shown that Millennials prefer to do business with brands that they trust, and this certainly extends to where they keep their money. To meet this new audience where it stands, financial services firms must break free of the muscle memory of old school promotion-oriented marketing, and learn to deliver usable value to their potential customers.

Your clients are looking for a financial partner they can trust.

Thought leadership content builds trust

Truth: You can’t just tell people they should trust you. You have to show them why they should trust you. Most customers aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in financial markets, where interest rates are headed, or what banking bill Congress is considering. Because of this, they don’t need to know every detail about these topics; they need easy-to-understand, engaging analysis of how it impacts them.

Creating and distributing original content that demonstrates your unique approach shows your clients that you care about their success – and ultimately helps you earn their trust.

Content marketing is an opportunity to differentiate your brand

Here’s one thing we know doesn’t work: Signing up for one of those social media services that promises to give you compliant content approved to share. The problem? Every one of your competitors that signs up gets the exact same content. Not exactly the best way to differentiate your company. (Plus, the content is kinda lame.)

So how do you stand out without getting yourself in hot water with the compliance department?

The key to compliant content marketing success is having a well-formed strategy that includes an editorial calendar. With an editorial calendar, you can build in the necessary time for compliance reviews and maintain momentum towards marketing goals.