Financial Services Industry

Content Marketing for financial services

Here’s one thing we know doesn’t work: Signing up for one of those social media services that promises to give you compliant content approved to share. The problem with those services is that every one of your competitors that signs up gets the exact same content. Not exactly the best way to differentiate your company. (Plus, the content is kinda lame.)

Banks, wealth managers and fintech firms are all facing the same challenge – whether B2B or B2C, virtually every firm is saying the same thing. So how do you stand out without getting yourself in hot water?

At Scribewise, we turn your expertise into content that media outlets devour. Our team of brand journalists excels at probing for the best storylines, gathering data, research and opinions and turning it into a compelling narrative that your audience can’t find anywhere else.

Scribewise understands financial services

We’ve worked with banks, financial advisors, wealth managers, insurance firms, fintech companies and others to position them as thought leaders. By creating and promoting high quality content, we can begin to change the conversation they have with the marketplace.

Custom content builds trust

When it comes to deciding where to put your money, it comes down to trust (pun intended). Your clients are trying to figure out which company has their best interest at heart, and which company just wants to dip its hand in their pocket.

Truth: You can’t just tell people they should trust you. You have to show them why they should trust you.

Creating and distributing custom content that demonstrates your unique approach will show your clients that you care about their success – and ultimately helps you earn their trust.

The content we create can power all your communications channels – your website, your email newsletters, your social media  and media relations.