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After a decade-and-a-half of success, Navigate decided it was time to do some deep thinking on how it could make the leap to the next level. The partners took a good hard look at every aspect of the business—and made moves to rebrand and up their marketing game.

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz has said, “your story is your strategy.” Getting the Nav story right would help propel them into the next phase of their history.

So we started working together. And we listened. We sat in on strategic business discussions. We asked questions. Lots of questions. And we dived into reviewing their existing materials and researching the competition and the broader industry context. We poked and prodded, shot the shit and bounced around ideas. It was fun, it was invigorating and it stayed on track—thanks to our branding process.

The result was a story that has energized the Nav team. A new logo, a new website … and a renewed excitement built on the confidence that their smart and fun approach will resonate with their clients.

What We Delivered

The smart and way-too-much fun marketing team latched on to an offhand comment one of us made about launching the new brand on “Magic Monday.” It became a thing, and we drove toward it for months.

When Magic Monday arrived, all our deliverables sprung into existence: the story video, the new website, the new logo, the new materials and decks.

Our focus is always on actionable branding, creating a story that could then be put to work. With the brand launched, we got to work with Navigate SMEs to create a thought leadership program that would stand out from the pack.

However, the needle scratching across the turntable was the COVID-19 pandemic. For a couple of weeks, the business universe was filled with question marks. But while everyone else was paralyzed, we realized that digital thought leadership just got a whole lot more important. This was not the time to hold back; it was time to put the pedal down.

About Navigate

Management consulting, done differently. Navigate tackles pressing problems for large and complex companies. Their work goes well beyond strategy. They’re hardwired to deliver measurable, sustainable impact by focusing on what ultimately drives business performance: the way people work together.

Other Case Studies

“I have really enjoyed working with all of you and am super impressed by how well you know our brand and make it work.  I have partnered with many other firms in my career and you all are definitely the best by far.  I love how you can just take my random thoughts and create something so meaningful that really aligns with the intention and Nav.  Well done and thank you!”

- Kim Huggins, Partner, Navigate
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