The Friday Afternoon Timewaster is our compilation of some of the best articles on PR, content and marketing from the past week or so. How do we know they’re the best? We do a lot of reading.

1. Wow, those executives are persistent

“Executives See Too Much Content, But Credible Content Still Resonates”outlines a new report that finds executives are getting pelted with content left and right and there’s too much of it. However, they still look for good thought leadership and will buy from and advocate for brands who do it well. Focus. On. Quality. Content.

2. You, too, can prevent a company crisis

Here at Scribewise, we love First Round Review and their excellent content. This week they feature Krista Berlincourt’s crisis prevention and communications advice in “How The U.S. Forest Service Can Save Your Company From A Crisis.” In it, Berlincourt discusses how she uses a framework to prepare for crises ahead of time and respond to incidents when they occur.

3. How to succeed in content distribution without really trying

You can write the most helpful whitepaper or the most thought-provoking whitepaper, but if you don’t promote it, no one will read it. Buffer knows this, and they know a thing or two about distributing content on social media. In “How to Promote Every Piece of Content You Create (in Less Than an Hour a Day!)” they offer practical tips on promoting content to your audience. It’s easier thank you think.

4. You’re doing it wrong

There’s a difference between the source of web traffic and its cause, but Google Analytics got it all wrong. Samuel Scott explains that and other issues with the analytics platform in “How Google Analytics ruined marketing.” Read the article and take a good, hard look at how you measure success.