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As far as worthy causes go, the Ability Network of Delaware’s is near the top of the list. A.N.D. is an organization that supports and advocates for community service providers that help individuals with disabilities and other life challenges.

Unfortunately, the situation is dire for this system. Every year, there’s a significant shortfall in the state budget to support the programs they run. This means these community service providers are constantly battling to keep their doors open and can’t pay their employees a living wage.

As we dug into the heart of the matter, we kept coming back to the interconnectedness of Delawareans—it’s a small state where everybody knows your name. That insight led us to create the #YouKnowUs campaign. People want to help their friends and neighbors, and that’s exactly who A.N.D.’s “customers” are—friends and neighbors facing challenges. The campaign told the stories of those in need.

In six months, the #YouKnowUs campaign quintupled A.N.D.’s social media following, demonstrating that the group has a major societal impact in Delaware. Suddenly, important people—legislators, the news media and other influencers—were paying attention. With increased focus on this looming crisis, Delaware passed the landmark Michael McNesby Full Funding for Adults with I/DD Act and directed almost $10 million in new annual funding to A.N.D.’s member organizations.

What We Delivered

The goal for #YouKnowUs was simple on the surface: Generate awareness for the issue with citizens in Delaware, rally them behind the cause and create positive pressure that legislators couldn’t ignore.

We did this through a combination of:

  • Social media: Paid and organic campaigns that told the real-life stories of dedicated professionals helping people with disabilities.
  • Media relations: A front-page story in Delaware’s largest newspaper during budget season, supported by a series of op-eds.
  • Advertising
  • Website Development: A dedicated microsite to provide advocates with relevant talking points and a landing page for other promotions.
  • The Rally: A gathering of hundreds of people directly impacted by these issues on the front lawn of Delaware’s Legislative Hall.
Campaign Materials: Logo, Content and Design
Direct Support Professional Video
Rally Ad: Content and Design
Microsite: Content, Design and Development

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