It takes a village to create good content. Build your content marketing Dream Team with a lineup of top performers. Hire your staff in the positions where they will excel.

For starters, you’ll need a marketing strategist who can see the big picture; a writer who can create quality content, and a designer who can make it all look great. But how do you identify the people who will succeed in these roles?

The team at Software Advice decided to find out what makes a marketing team’s highest-performing employees tick. They hired a workforce psychologist to help determine distinct personality types, their strengths and weaknesses, and which jobs they’d do best.

The Giver: Your Marketing Strategist

Givers put the needs of the organization and their co-workers ahead of their own. They follow the rules, and dislike it when others do not.  Givers are ideal Marketing Strategists, possessing a firm belief in the company’s mission and an ability to focus on long-term goals. While this big-picture view makes them good leaders, a Giver makes a better right-hand man than a boss (and prefers things that way). Givers also excel in producer roles, where they can see a tangible product through from start to finish–whether it’s a piece of marketing content or a web page.

While Givers are loyal and hardworking, you’ll have to look out for them: they can give so much to their jobs that they burn out. And while they want to work with the rest of the team to help the company achieve its goals, they dislike confrontation and are prone to passive-aggressive behavior. Encourage open dialogue with Givers so they feel comfortable airing frustrations and providing suggestions for improvement. And when you give them feedback, make sure it’s constructive: criticism can be very disparaging to Givers, who just want to do right by the business.

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The Savant: Your Content Master

Savants have cultivated an extraordinary skill in a single field, and often have high literary aptitude. They are inherently creative and have vivid imaginations: combined with a natural mastery of the written word, they can be some of your best content creators. Savants are creatures of habit who must work in a particular environment according to a particular routine. However, once in this setting, they can focus intently on projects and turn them around quickly. Savants are also detail-oriented and resourceful, making them great researchers: if they don’t know the answer, they probably know where to find it.

While Savants are intelligent and learn new things easily, don’t assume this means they can do it all: they may struggle in fields outside their specialty, and do best when allowed to focus on their true talent. The perfectionism that helps them succeed can also make them overly self-critical, so make sure to recognize them for quality work. While they are hardworking and self-motivated, they struggle with a rigid workplace structure. When possible, allow them the freedom to follow their own routines.

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The Matrix Thinker: Your Detailed Designer

Matrix Thinkers are creative and thrive on artistic expression. They are constantly taking in information from everything around them, and have the ability to synthesize concepts that seem unrelated–which can make them revolutionary problem-solvers. Given the freedom to explore their creativity and develop artistic ideas in a non-structured role, they can be your most talented designers. And they excel at project-oriented work, which provides the satisfaction of a completed product and the excitement of a new challenge on a regular basis.

While Matrix Thinkers can connect the dots between ideas in innovative ways, they can also become distracted when given too much information at once. Clearly define goals and expectations ahead of time, and limit the number of projects they’re juggling so as not to overwhelm them. While Matrix Thinkers are visionary and driven to pursue their ideas, they are also prone to conflict, and may butt heads with a rule-abiding boss. Allow them a healthy amount of flexibility for the way they work (and the neatness of their desk).

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By understanding what makes these personality types tick, placing them in their ideal roles and managing them according to their unique needs, you, too, can build a content marketing Dream Team that helps your company achieve success.

Rachel Ramsey is an Editorial Coordinator at Software Advice, based in Austin, TX. She writes about a variety of topics from small business to software.