Healthcare Content Marketing

When people feel under the weather, have a persistent pain, or are worried about their health for some other reason, they turn to the internet for answers. That’s not just us saying it – a Google survey showed that 77 percent of people go online to find answers to their health questions.

They search online because it’s easier than traveling across town to see the doctor. But there’s a problem with healthcare consumers turning to the internet, and it’s no secret – there is a lot of suspicious and even devious healthcare information out there.

While this can seem daunting, and some healthcare institutions might even consider it unseemly to participate in this world, we believe it is best viewed as a call to arms: Healthcare providers are duty-bound to help patients in their community better understand how to be healthy.

Healthcare providers have a responsibility to educate their community about health and wellness.

The changing healthcare landscape and the move towards preventive care means that patients are seeking more answers about their health—and providers are charged with delivering them. Frankly, it’s just smart business – that same Google survey mentioned above showed that people who find a hospital or doctor online are far more likely to schedule an appointment.

In other words, healthcare providers that have a significant online presence are more likely to attract patients.

Patient-focused content creates a stronger relationship.

The type of content a healthcare provider creates and distributes matters. The general public is not seeking answers in peer-reviewed journals; they quite literally don’t speak that language.

Most often, people are searching for answers to simple questions they have: What should I do about persistent knee pain? Which foods are really healthy for me? How can I soothe my baby’s diaper rash?

In other words, they want “news they can use.”

Content marketing helps healthcare providers to create a positive community connection.

When healthcare providers create and distribute helpful health and wellness content, they can begin to change behavior, and even improve outcomes for patients and communities. By taking an educational approach to content marketing, hospitals and health systems can positively impact their local population.

Content marketing has the power to build awareness in the community and enhance the perception of your brand. High quality, custom content drives traffic to healthcare websites, helps to promote and grow key practice areas, and help providers fulfill your mission to enhance the community’s health.

Infographic: The Healthcare Information Universe

This infographic provides more context on the need for patient-focused content, and how healthcare providers are addressing this need.

Healthcare Information Universe Infographic