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Where do you go when you have a business meeting with someone you don’t know? LinkedIn.

You want to find out what their role is, where they’ve worked previously, and get a good feel for what they’re bringing to your meeting. And if their profile showcases some smart thinking, you might even start to get excited for the meeting.

But creating thoughtful content and engaging on LinkedIn can be difficult—even for professionals who are thoughtful and engaging. Scribewise is the unfair advantage for executives at Cognizant. Working side-by-side with their social media team, we developed a program of LinkedIn-native blog posts, curated content, infographics and social media “chips” to showcase their forward-thinking approach to some of today’s biggest business challenges.

Speaking of challenges, we knew going in that the SMEs would not be available very often to share their expertise. No matter; we’re smart folks. After kickoff calls with each SME, we were ostensibly on our own to create editorial calendars, conduct research on topics like IoT in healthcare and confidently write thought leadership content in the SMEs’ voices on these weighty subjects. Over the six month program, the SMEs made virtually no edits or adjustments to the content we’ve created for them.

Engagement rose 68 percent for the SMEs’ newly invigorated social profiles. One LinkedIn commenter even remarked, “This is the most insightful analysis I’ve seen on IoT in healthcare.”

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