That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

It jumped up a notch. Less than two-and-a-half years after launching Scribewise, we’re extremely excited to announce that we’re being acquired by Trellist, a fast-growing marketing and technology firm. You can read the official news release here.

So, here’s the big question you may be asking: Why? Why would we do this now?

That’s the exact question I asked when Trellist first approached us: Why should we do this now? We’re such a young company and it seemed too early, but then we started talking and a partnership began to make sense – a lot of sense. And it wasn’t because of the promise of a big payday, but rather because this seemed like a perfect fit in terms of culture, the services we both offer, and where we all want to go.

Culture, culture, culture

I strongly believe that culture comes first. And so does Trellist.

We spent weeks talking about culture, meeting each other’s teams and comparing philosophies. We talked about the imperative of “doing interesting work” while also making money. I believe that if you do great things, the money will take care of itself.

We’ve met dozens of Trellist team members through this process – virtually everyone is on the same page. Everyone is committed to the mission. The company is growing because everyone is rowing in the same direction, committed to doing great work.

We talked about our approach to serving our clients. We talked about how every team member has a voice. We talked about the direction in which we’re both headed.

Through all these talks, it just seemed to fit together; our philosophies were – and are – tightly aligned.

The Work

Our mission at Scribewise is to help our clients have a tighter bond with their audience.

We believe strongly that content marketing is one of the best ways to do that, but it isn’t necessarily the only way.

The marketing toolbox has expanded greatly the last few years, and you’d be a fool to only use a hammer – even if it is a really cool new hammer. That said, the opportunity to grow a content marketing business remains significant, and that’s what this deal is about – maximizing that opportunity. By aligning with the really smart and successful people at Trellist, we have access to the full toolbox – digital strategy, social business, graphic design, technology development, business consulting and staffing – and that means our clients will too.

The Quest

All of those things make this acquisition very logical. But it still isn’t enough.

When we launched Scribewise, the goal was not to make a lot of money. It wasn’t to get paid. It wasn’t to call ourselves content marketers because that was the hot new buzz phrase.

The goal was, and still is, to build something great. At Scribewise, we call it The Quest.

We’re on a quest to make a difference for our clients, to do great work, and to have great fun while we are doing it. We want to be challenged because we believe deeply that we will succeed. The Quest is the framework in which we operate, and it influences everything we do – who we hire, how we work, and the work we choose to do. It also means that we’re always striving and pushing ourselves and our clients to think big and execute with excellence.

But more importantly, The Quest never ends.

Here’s where I’m coming from when I say that. I’m a huge sports fan and I think the biggest reason why is because it’s fascinating to see how a team comes together in a quest for excellence. You see the sacrifice, the harmony, the relentlessness and, often, the willingness to embrace a new way of doing things. As one of my all time favorite athletes Julius Erving once said, they “dare to be great.”

I suspect that this is also how most start-up teams think as well. For all the talk of lucrative exits, the people who achieve great things are the ones who set out to achieve great things, not great bank accounts. I’m not saying we’ve achieved anything just yet, but we are on The Quest. We’re committed and we will be relentless.

So, in the end, the decision was simple. Being acquired by Trellist fuels The Quest. This acquisition helps us to fulfill our goals – the Scribewise brand will live on, we’ll be able to serve our clients at a higher level and move more quickly, and help Trellist to better serve their clients, fulfill their mission, and continue to achieve great things.

When you’re on a quest, you’ll never stop until you reach the Grail. Being acquired by Trellist is the best way for us to do that.

The Quest is on.