If you want to really make a difference for your business, it isn’t enough to produce a steady stream of content. Pretty much everyone is already doing that, which means that just creating content leaves you firmly in the middle of the pack. That’s no way to win the battle.

Your content needs to be freaking brilliant because if it isn’t, it’ll just get lost in the hurricane of information that is swirling faster and faster.

How much content is there? A lot. Last year, Americans consumed 6.9 zettabytes of media. I don’t even know what that means. Apparently, it’s equivalent to 6.9 million-million gigabytes. I still don’t know what that means. But apparently, it’s equivalent to an ishload of content. That’s the finding in the How Much Media study done at the University of South Carolina.

As individuals, the average American consumes almost double the amount of media she consumed just five years ago. And media consumption is projected to rise another approximately another 15 percent by 2015. It’s roughly equal to 15.5 hours of media every day for every person. Think about it – you probably layer media on top of media for most of your day, whether listening to podcasts at work or using a second screen while relaxing in front of the television at night.

As Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said to the New York Times this weekend, there’s a “cacophony of information that makes it easy to be overwhelmed and hard to know what to trust.”

So, some organizations will decide that there’s already too much content out there and that they can’t have success by creating content. They theorize that the audience is overwhelmed and simply can’t handle more content.

That’s obviously wrong. What the audience is constantly on the lookout for is better content.  There’s already a ton of content out there, but most of it just lays there. It’s boring, or it’s self-serving, or it’s wrong, or it’s poorly written, or it’s just a regurgitation of something written by someone else. The opportunity is to produce content that isn’t a carbon copy of what everyone else is doing, content that breaks through. Content that isn’t crap.

Your content needs to be fun, and easy to consume.

Your content needs to be useful to the audience.

Your content needs to be smart.

Your content needs to be original, and it needs to be credible.

Your content needs to be freaking brilliant.

That’s easy to say, hard to do. To create freaking brilliant content requires something that is often missing in marketing these days – courage. As I wrote last week, you need to dare to be great. You need to be willing to step out on a limb. You need to push the envelope and drive the conversation forward. You need to do what is best for the customer, not what is best for you.

In a world with 6.9 zettabytes of media being read, watched, listened to and experienced every year, freaking brilliant wins.