Is content marketing with video better than chocolate with peanut butter?

Well, maybe it’s not that good, but it is a combo that should be part of your 2014 content marketing effort for both B2B and B2C.

To maximize views, your video must be professionally executed. Those recorded Skype interviews will do in a pinch, but as more people turn to the Internet for video, there is a big shift towards broadcast quality video. Yes, quality matters; it’s part of the overall visitor experience. So please stop posting those videos that look like hostage tapes.

[Editor’s Note: If you look closely at this blog post, you’ll notice something missing. That’s right, video. The editors apologize. Sincerely. However, we want you to know that Scribewise is about to roll out a high quality video offering to our clients. You’ll probably find it awesome. Stay tuned.]

So, what types of video should you post to your website and your Youtube channel? The same types of stories and ideas that you’re already blogging about. Here are some concepts in this infographic from the good folks at Prestige Marketing.