The marketing director was new to the company, and he saw the business with fresh eyes. “We should just release our product,” he advised. “Don’t wait for the perfect version. Look at the iPhone. did Apple release iPhone 5 out of the gate? No, they started with the initial version in 2007, knowing full well that there would be a 3G, a 4, and so on. Sure, the iPhone 5 is light years better than the original model. But Apple didn’t wait for all the bells and whistles built into the latest model to release it to the public. They got it out there and started selling.”

Launching a content marketing campaign is just like releasing a product. Too often, companies fear that if they don’t get it exactly right out of the gate, they will fail, and lose credibility.

This is simply not the case with content. While the launch of any product or service is accompanied by risk and uncertainty, it is necessary to take the leap.

The only certainty is that conditions will always change. In the fullness of time, more ideas surface, strategies can be tweaked, and a company can build in layers of sophistication and complexity.

The time to start your content campaign is now, not when you feel that it is perfect. Because here’s a dirty little secret for you: it may never be perfect. But lack of perfection is never a reason to stall. Get it out there! Get feedback, and make improvements. Allow the flow of ideas to shape your content and your forward movement.

Risk is hard to bear, but you can take comfort in metrics. They indicate impact and help form your plan going forward.

Here is the lesson: stop worrying and start now. Throw away your inner perfectionist for the time being, or at least tell him to take a seat in the waiting room.

It is the case that for some marketing efforts, like press releases and media outreach, timeliness is everything. You want to position yourself in the right place at the right time. You want the news hook that grabs attention.

But a content marketing plan is decidedly different. It’s a long term strategy that is designed to build trust over time. Lao-tzu’s assertion that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step applies to content. Start walking.