Coming up with a marketing and PR campaign is always a challenge, because you are rarely the first person ever to sell your product or service.

Google, for example, may be the leader in search now, but when it came on the scene, there were already plenty of search engines. That’s a new world service. But there are a million other products that have been around since the beginning of time. Are you the first person to create and sell jewelry? Not unless you are 100,000 years old. It’s all been done before, and there are a million competitors out there at this very moment. You should forget about your competition because it will just drive you crazy. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to everyone else.

The important task is to differentiate your offering. It’s not what you sell. It’s the story you tell about your product, and the way you present yourself to the world. While there are ten thousand others who craft necklaces, there is only one of you. The entirety of your experience goes into everything you do, for better or worse. When you are comfortable in your own skin, when you are not second guessing yourself, when you present with confidence, you bring others on board with you.

The more you believe in yourself and your product, the more people will believe in you. You are your brand. Yes, you should have an excellent product that provides value. That’s a given. But the story you are going to tell, over and over, is your story. Make it a good one, and make it compelling. There are a hundred search engines and a thousand jewelry designers.

Branding is what you stand for. What is your higher purpose, and the thread that ties it all together? When you clear away all the chatter, what is the essence of your offering? That’s the differentiator that will speak to your audience and convert them to loyal customers.

Boldly take your brand where no brand has gone before. Don’t be afraid to be outrageous and take risks. Be the first one on the dance floor and have a big smile when you get there.