We talk about content marketing strategy and tactics here all the time on the Scribewise Blog, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason WHY we spend so much time and energy creating unique, informative and useful content. It’s easy to lose sight of our original goals.

Ultimately, the reason we create content is to sell a product or service.

Now that you’re creating and sharing content to promote your products and services, it’s time to take a look back at your sales copy to ensure your message is being communicated the way you intended.

I recently wrote my first sales page for an email course I’m launching in March called 30 Days of Gutsy. After several drafts, reading dozens of ‘how-to’ blog posts and chatting with some expert copywriter  friends, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for writing enticing sales copy.

Here are seven tips to ensure your sales copy is helping you achieve your content marketing goals.

1. Address your customer’s problem or pain point.

Right up front, you need to address WHY your potential customer absolutely needs your product or service. You should address the problem that you’re trying to solve within the first few sentences of your sales copy. This way, your potential customer will know right off the bat that this is for them and keep reading.

2. Make it emotional.

When you are able to tie a problem or pain point to your customer’s emotions, you are more likely to capture their attention. Once the issue feels personal to them, they are more likely to consider giving your product or service a chance. If someone reading the page feels that way, a little voice in their head is likely saying, “YES” and then they will continue to read on.

3. Incorporate testimonials throughout your sales page.

With so many companies, products and services out there to choose from, social proof is more important than ever. Be sure to incorporate testimonials or recommendations from happy customers or clients who have used your products or services with success. Include a photo of the customer/client whenever possible to make the testimonial feel more personal.

4. Let your potential customer know what to expect.

Many people choose not to buy a product or service because they are unclear of what to expect if they open their wallet. Make it very clear in your copy exactly how the product/service works and the types of results the customer can expect if they choose to buy.

5. Include multiple calls to action.

It’s not enough to include just one call to action to register, purchase, subscribe, click here, whatever your call to action is. Be sure to include it throughout your sales copy multiple times at different points of the copy.

6. Share your story.

Fun fact: after I wrote my whole sales page and sent it to a friend for review, she replied to me, “But why would I buy this course from YOU? Where is your story?” I realized I had not even shared with my potential customers why they should trust me. I hadn’t told my personal story or shared my expertise. Be sure to explain WHY you are the expert and why your customer should buy this product or service from you and only you.

7. Make it easy to read.

You likely have A LOT to say about your product or service and that’s definitely a good thing. When it comes to making a purchase, consumers like to do their research, so providing more information is always better. However, make sure your copy is easy to read. Break up the text with large headings, photos and bulleted lists.

The copy you write for your sales pages can make or break your success when it comes to attracting new customers or clients. Take the time to review your sales copy to ensure you’re giving yourself the best shot at a potential sale, new customer or client.

Jessica Lawlor is a public relations professional and freelance writer in the Philadelphia area. Her work has been published on Ragan’s PR Daily, Muck Rack, Brazen Careerist, Mediabistro, Business Insider and AOL Jobs. She blogs at JessicaLawlor.com about getting gutsy- stepping outside your comfort zone to reach your goals and live a life that makes you truly happy.