We’ve written previously about preference marketing – the reality that prospects and customers are in control and will only buy from you if they trust and believe in you. And that reality – which many marketers still have not acknowledged or embraced – has given rise to inbound marketing.

Most inbound marketing is driven by content – blog posts, articles, whitepapers, ebooks and videos. Your customers find high quality content interesting and informative. This creates a positive connection, thus making them more likely to engage with you and your service, and ultimately to buy.

Not only is a content-centric inbound marketing campaign more likely to work in an era of customer preference, it’s less expensive. Think about that – better ROI, less expense. This is an IQ test – can you pass?

So, yes, you should be embracing a content strategy and other inbound techniques. This infographic (thanks, Voltier Digital!) explains how inbound marketing works, why it’s better than traditional marketing, and why you need to get on board now.