A friend of mine wrote on Medium over the weekend about the New Year and the importance of finding clarity in life. The post was very personal, but it occurred to me that finding clarity is a very worthy goal for all of us as we roll into 2015.


At their core, all New Year’s resolutions are about clarity– the purpose of a resolution is to strip away the extraneous so that you can focus on a goal. If you can do that, you have a chance to be one of the eight percent of people who actually achieves his or her resolution.

So, rather than looking at your marketing and deciding that you need to continue to do everything you’re already doing and add in a new content platform and launch an Instagram strategy and create more CTAs in your marketing automation platform, you need to focus.


You need a clear message.

That begins with organizational understanding of why you exist and what your value proposition is for the audience. It’s shocking how many organizations really don’t know why they exist. They’ve never contemplated what spot in the ecosystem they inhabit, why the audience should care about them, and what makes them different from their competitors. In other words, you need to Start With Why.

If your company still isn’t sure about its Why, then that’s what you should focus on. It will bring clarity to everything you do – every marketing tactic gets framed within this understanding. Every tough decision is influenced by the understanding of what you are and where you’re going. And it brings an energy to everything the organization does, because everyone – internally and externally – has clarity about the business.

For content marketing purposes, clarity leads you to solidifying your editorial promise – the promise you make to your audience. The editorial promise aligns with your brand promise. You need to be true to your brand, not go fishing for clicks, and create content that fits within that editorial promise.

Because once you’ve made that promise, you need to keep it. That’s how you build trust. And building trust is ultimately how you make the sale.

And that’s the whole point.

So, as you start fresh here in 2015, seek clarity.

And this just might be your best year ever.