This week’s Marketing Week in Review covers some hot topics around business, content marketing and social media, including Facebook’s fake news problem and its bad metrics, as well as a strategy for more efficient content marketing.

1. Don’t believe every post on Facebook

Leading up to the presidential election, we all saw those articles floating around on Facebook and other social media sites that seemed just a little “off” – even if they appealed to your political views. News flash: most of them are fake. And since the surprising outcome of the election, Facebook’s come under fire for not doing more to get rid of all of the fake news stories popping up in news feeds. Both Google and Facebook now say they’re developing solutions to fix this problem, which will probably result in algorithm changes. Read “Facebook, Google Take Steps To Confront Fake News” from NPR. (Also, it seems some college students figured out how to fix the problem already.)

2. Don’t believe every metric on Facebook

After revealing that it was miscalculating video view metrics in September, Facebook announced that it has corrected several other metrics in addition to expanding third-party verification. Finding out that metrics haven’t been completely accurate is obviously difficult for marketers to deal with. Worse, brands may have a harder time trusting in Facebook advertising than before. Read “In major measurement update, Facebook overhauls metrics, makes corrections, adds viewability” from MarketingLand.

3. A new COPE-ing strategy

Creating content efficiently is often a problem for many teams, which is why Jodi Harris recommends using the COPE strategy for content marketing: create once, publish everywhere. She walks us through how to develop a strong foundation that lends itself to COPE, as well as a case study. Read “Feed Your Hungry Content Channels With a Powerful COPE-ing Strategy” from Content Marketing Institute.

4. The latest from Scribewise

Here’s what you may have missed this week: