Welcome to the Marketing Week in Review, our roundup of this week’s important marketing, content and PR articles. This week we’ve got news from Google about their mobile pages, a story about a large SEO company’s round of layoffs and more! Read on…

1. Google to Everyone: Get AMP’d Up

After rolling out the feature less than six months ago, Google announced this week that they’ll expand their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to all parts of the mobile search results page, not just top stories, later this year. This gives more websites, from e-commerce and news, to recipe sites and travel pages, the chance to reach readers faster than with traditional mobile pages. Google says it’s not a ranking change, but it seems like that might be on the horizon… Only time will tell. Read “What is AMP?”

2. Want Content Marketing Success? Grow Your Audience

In “Prepare to Be Ignored if You Don’t Have Subscription Goals,” Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute wrote about how, surprisingly, many large enterprises don’t have specific audience-growth goals for their content marketing. They don’t ask for subscribers on their blog. They don’t send out a daily or weekly newsletter. This is surprising to him (and us) because the statistics show that growing an audience will almost always help you grow your business.

3. Here’s Why Rand Fishkin Has that Ridiculous Mustache

Moz is again focusing on SEO. If you never knew they attempted to expand their offering, you’re probably not alone—their suite of software products largely failed to help them grow the business. Unfortunately, along with changing course comes the need to lay off many of their employees. Read “Moz Returns to SEO” for a little bit of business advice and to learn why Rand’s got that mustache—and why it might soon be gone.

4. Add New Software Tool to Your Team for the Right Reasons

You know Jay Baer from Convince and Convert. This week, he wrote a post on Workfront about how he’s kind of obsessed with new software tools and how that’s not always a good thing. In “6 Ways NOT To Screw Up The Rollout Of That New Software You Just Bought,” he reviews how you should decide if a shiny new software tool is right for your team.