Welcome to another edition of the Marketing Week in Review, our take on the most important marketing, content and PR reads from the last seven days. This week we’re sharing how to actually get a journalist’s attention, an important checklist for content marketing, and using customer service to help fuel the buyer’s journey.

1. “Most of what I get is garbage”

PR folks: You’re probably making a mistake when sending press releases and pitches to journalists. In “Journalists’ Advice on How to Write Press Releases They’ll Actually Read,” Neil Hayes offers tips straight from journalists’ mouths on the right way to get a journalist’s attention when pitching them. And Hayes should know—he’s a 25-year veteran reporter. Read this week’s article, as well as our take on how to write pitch emails that don’t suck.

2. Make a list, check it…more than twice

One secret to an effective content marketing program is producing consistent, high-quality content. That means ensuring each piece is high-quality, audience-focused and helpful. And according to “Must-Have Checklist to Creating Valuable Content,” it should also be findable, readable, understandable, actionable and shareable. This article not only outlines an excellent checklist to ensure your content can be found, read and acted-upon, it also covers why checklists work and how a checklist system should be implemented.

3. Boost the buyer’s journey

If you’re conducting a content inventory and assessing your content needs for 2017, consider looking to your customer service department for clues on what information your prospects crave throughout the buyer’s journey. Your customer service reps can provide lists of common customer questions or issues as they arise, providing an opportunity for you to fill the need with content. Read “Rethinking the Value of Customer Service, from Post- to Pre-purchase.”