The Marketing Week in Review is our look at the latest in marketing, PR, business and content. In this week’s edition, advertisers are taking a good, hard look at their marketing technology software, LinkedIn is back together with publishers, and an average writer tries to become an Instagram influencer.

1. What’s your MarTech Stack?

Most advertisers and marketers are using marketing technology of all kinds, but they’re not using it efficiently. eMarketer reports that nearly half of them admit to problems with integration. In other words, data is housed in different locations and apps don’t talk to one another, which probably makes it hard to analyze data, map the customer journey and measure results. The solution is most likely more resources, which is more attainable for some companies than other. Read more in “Many Marketers Recognize They Are Falling Short with Technology.”

2. New LinkedIn Tools Make Publishers Happy

106 million people are active on LinkedIn every month—far fewer than Facebook and Twitter. But publishers are seeing more and more growth from the business network, and two new features should boost this even further. The Interest Feed will let users explore deeply the topics they read about on LinkedIn, and a new audience analytics tool will give publishers data to help them cater content to LinkedIn users. Read more from Digiday: “Publishers’ on-again, off-again affair with LinkedIn is back on again.”

3. #Filters

With the rise of Instagram has come influencers, the thousands of users who get paid to wear designer clothes or use branded products. Think big name celebrities like Kim Kardashian, as well as fashion bloggers and generally stylish people. Some of them are getting paid big bucks just for well-lit photos that show them wearing a pair of heels or using a type of beard oil (Really!). BloombergBusinessweek’s Max Chafkin wondered how difficult it could really be, so he worked with an agency to attempt a run at Instagram stardom. Read how it went in “Confessions of an Instagram Influencer.”

4. The Latest from Scribewise

Here’s what you may have missed this week: