It’s time for another Marketing Week In Review, where we round up some of the best articles from the past week on marketing, public relations and content. This week we’ve got stats on stats on stats about content marketing and how effective it is for various companies. Dig in.

1. The Engagement Problem

Year over year content marketing spend is way up, but engagement is way down, according to a new report from Beckon, a marketing performance platform. Companies are finding that most branded content gets very little engagement. This is yet another reason to focus on unique, data-backed content, avoid writing “me too” blog posts and focus on quality over quantity. Read more in “Content marketing is up 300%, but only 5% of it matters.”

2. On the Other Hand…

Content Marketing Institute released “B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” this week. According to their research, B2B content marketing is working better than it was last year for most B2B companies. The research report outlines what top performers are doing differently than their peers. Surprise—they’re creating higher-quality content consistently.

3. Get Interactive

There’s too much content out there (see above). As a result of this content overload, engagement rates are dropping, and marketers are trying to figure out how to capture attention once again. The answer may just be interactive content. “How to Use Interactive Content For Killer Results” outlines how you can improve the content experience with polls, calculators and interactive graphics. The best part? No developer necessary.

4. Are Digital Ads Worth It?

Facebook’s advertising flub that we mentioned last week is one issue out of many on digital marketers’ minds these days. Companies are beginning to question whether the billions of dollars they are investing in digital advertising are really providing a return. Are video ads actually being seen by real humans? Read on in “Doubts About Digital Ads Rise Over New Revelations.”

5. The Latest from Scribewise

Here’s what you might’ve missed this week from us: