The Marketing Week in Review is our roundup of the most interesting and relevant news you need to know about in content, public relations and marketing. We’ve sifted through articles, blog posts and newsfeeds from the past seven days so you don’t have to. Read on…

1. RIP Vine

In an effort to make the company look more attractive to buyers, Twitter announced on Medium that it was cutting 350 jobs and shutting down Vine, its video app that lets users make and upload six-second videos. Immediately, the Internet started lamenting Vine’s death by posting their favorite videos. Some others wondered what would become of the social media stars that were “Vine famous.” Whether you have a marketing strategy that includes Vine or not, this is a great reminder that you’re better off building your own audience rather than renting someone else’s land. Read “Twitter will shut down its 6-second video service, Vine” from MarketingLand.

2. Social (media) impact in 2017

As many marketers put plans and budgets together for 2017, they’re likely looking at better ways to use social media to distribute content and extend their customer reach. More and more paid campaigns are necessary to have an impact, but if you’ve got a social strategy that spans several of the networks, you might be left trying to figure out where to spend your money. Read “Should You Budget for Sponsored Content in 2017?” from The Content Standard.

3. The mad men (who are actually mad)

Ouch. New research shows that ad industry employees are less than pleased. Across the industry, morale is way down, with the finger being pointed at company leadership, lack of advancement and dissatisfaction with work. It’s not surprising—the industry that pushes more than it pulls and talks at customers rather than talking with them is being forced to constantly find new ways to interrupt people, and it doesn’t seem to be going well. Look for more people in the ad industry to leave for jobs in marketing and technology, where their creativity is probably more valued. Read “Ad industry morale drops 36% from 2015, says Campaign US survey” from Campaign Live.

4. The latest from Scribewise

Here’s what you may have missed this week: