This week’s Marketing Week in Review covers some of the happenings around content, PR and marketing, including LinkedIn’s new, easier way to advertise, problems with influencer marketing, and the age old question: How much content should you create?

1. LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail is now DIY

B2B marketers looking to zero in on prospects with whitepapers, ebooks or other downloadable content can now reach them without the help of an account executive through Sponsored InMail from LinkedIn. Sponsored InMail has been around since March, but this new flexibility gives marketers the freedom to launch a campaign and target specific companies and job titles without anyone from LinkedIn. And to cut down on tons of unsolicited InMail SPAM, LinkedIn promises there’s a cap on the number of messages you can receive. Explore Sponsored InMail or read the LinkedIn blog post.

2. Don’t count on the government to fix Influencer Marketing

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began creating rules for influencer marketing in December 2015 and clarified that influencer marketing is subject to the same rules as native advertising earlier this year. But, as Chuck Moran writes in a MarketingLand article, “marketers can’t depend entirely on the FTC to police every execution and campaign. Rather, to secure a healthy path forward for its growth, influencer marketing needs to find a way to police itself.” It’s up to B2C and B2B brands to develop their own guidelines that differentiate a post versus an ad. Read “The FTC isn’t going to save influencer marketing from itself, but the industry could.”

3. Quality v. quantity: Which one wins out?

Content marketers have been debating quantity versus quality for years now, and it’s still unclear which wins out. Lots of content drives more web traffic and more leads; quality drives more shares and more links, and it’s more valuable to leads. Jessica Mehring explains that, like many other marketing strategies, it all depends on your goals. Read “How Much Content Does Your Marketing Team Actually Need?”

4. The Latest from Scribewise

Here’s what you may have missed this week: