Welcome to another edition of the Marketing Week in Review, where we pick some of the best articles from the past week on marketing, content and PR. This week, we’ve got some great lessons on the do’s and don’ts of content strategy, SEO, creative agencies and Facebook’s algorithm. Enjoy these reads on your long holiday weekend.

1. You’re Doing It Wrong

If a company is on the Inc. 500, there’s a good chance they’ve got a great marketing program that’s helping them grow, right? Not so, as “How To Survive A Content Marketing Nightmare: Inc. 500 Edition” explains. The Inbound.org article covers how AdRev, a music monetization platform for musicians, could probably grow even faster if they had some sort of content marketing program to support their marketing efforts. There are tons of great keys to creating an effective content marketing strategy here.

2. Ronald McDonald and the Future of Advertising

Creative agencies are realizing that the way they operated in the past may not longer work, as illustrated by McDonald’s new custom agency, which brings together digital publishing, digital ad-buying, creative services and more traditional digital agency services. It seems like the future might bring more agencies and publishers working closely together. Read “What Would McDonald’s ‘Agency of the Future’ Do?”

3. Facebook’s Facepalm Moment

Oops. Facebook decided to fire its team of editorial contractors responsible for Trending Topics as the company tries to rely less on humans and more on algorithms. That strategy quickly backfired this week mixing the wrong headlines with videos, and even letting a fake story about Fox News host Megyn Kelly stay in the Trending Topics feed for hours. Read “Facebook’s Editorial Purge has Completely Backfired” for a lesson in what not to do.