Welcome to the Marketing Week in Review, our roundup of the best marketing, PR and content articles of the last week. This week we’re answering questions like, “Do commas still matter?” and “How do you define native advertising?” Read on for the answers.

1. “Camouflaged Advertising”

Native advertising is the antidote to interruption advertising, according to Sean Callahan. Most experts agree that native advertising is a paid placement that fits in with the overall experience of a website, but they’ve got some different views on the exact form native advertising can take. Read more in “Ask the Experts: How Do You Define Native Advertising?”

2. Ping Me

Email has finally caught up with changes in how we consume content. Email designs are responsive, which means they’re easy to read on smartphones. And according to a new Adobe survey, this has led to an increase in email consumption year over year. “Survey: Email Is Evolving And Time Spent With It Growing” outlines how much time people spend reading email and why email is a key channel for marketers.

3. Comma Chameleon

The way we communicate is changing. Email is becoming informal, filled with emojis, lower-case sentences and one-word responses. And iOS even helps you convert words into pictures as you text. “Do commas matter?” covers the all-important topic of whether or not grammar is still a “thing.”

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