Myspace had its official star-studded launch party earlier this month, thanks to its adoptive parent, Justin Timberlake, and his vision to restore the music-oriented social site to all of its glory—with the help of content marketing.

The new Myspace, which has been completely re-built to the point that it can barely be compared to its predecessor, offers more than just social networking for music lovers and artists of all types—rather, it features all kinds of content, from multimedia to feature articles. And it’s all displayed on a wonderfully re-designed platform.

Here’s a quick content analysis of the latest Myspace:


Since great content deserves to live in an equally great environment, let’s start with a quick glance at the new platform. The site is clean in the modern and sleek way that’s quickly becoming the norm for all brand websites, including plenty of large, crisp images on a horizontal Pinterest-inspired scrolling feed. While navigation could use a little more improvement, it’s fairly easy to use and visually enticing.

Multimedia Experience

As a multimedia content hub, Myspace provides users with music streaming, videos, Pandora-style radio stations, live performances, and more. Myspace is also bringing other brands on board, in order to both send more users to its site, and to give brands an opportunity to create unique content. As a result, you’ll also discover exclusive content from these brand partnerships, such as behind-the-scenes footage from the Bud Light concert series and extended sets from artists performing on the late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Written Content

Under the aptly named tab “Featured,” you’ll find all kinds of articles on old bands, new bands, music news, and more. The content currently posted on the site includes a profile of a blues-rock band, a Michael Jackson tribute (which includes a playlist of his top hits, which I’m actually currently listening to), a story on the return of the cassette tape, and a thought-provoking piece on musicians who’ve identified themselves as various deities (as inspired by the recent release of Kanye’s Yeezus album).

Myspace content also highlights various music gems in you-should-be-listening-to-this style posts, which are categorized by Song, Video, Album, and Artist of the Day. Featuring talent from all across the music genre spectrum, this content is designed to meet the needs of such a diverse audience.

As content-driven and member-friendly as Myspace has become, we’ll have to see if it can repair its reputation from being the joke of the Internet. Yes, competition abounds, but so far, Myspace is making a solid effort to push itself back up off the floor.