Well-known venture capitalist Ben Horowitz said a few years ago that “the company story is the company strategy.” Horowitz, who’s done a pretty good job of differentiating good companies from mediocre ones in his investing career, said that the story explains the why—why does the company exist?

Horowitz told Forbes:

“You can have a great product, but a compelling story puts the company into motion. If you don’t have a great story it’s hard to get people motivated to join you, to work on the product, and to get people to invest in the product.”

We agree. The best companies have compelling stories. It’s what sets them apart in an ever-more-crowded global marketplace. When a company gets its story right, good things start to happen.

This week, our John Miller is moderating a panel at “Introduced by Technically,” a part of Philly Tech Week, entitled New Age Storytelling: Big Ideas to Inspire You.

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In the meantime, to get you ready for the Storytelling panel, and because we believe that every organization needs to be able to know and tell its story in order to grow, here are six of our favorite blog posts about storytelling.

Your Story is Your Strategy

As Horowitz said, getting a company’s story right is a huge factor in the firm’s success. And yet, technologists and finance professionals and others in the C-suite often look at storytelling as soft—what are the deliverables?!?! Uh, your success is the deliverable.

Corporate Storytelling: Figuring Out What You Stand For

The core of every good organization’s story is figuring out what you stand for. Why you exist. Knowing and getting internal and external consensus on this gives the company purpose, and acts like jet fuel for all aspects of the business.

Data Storytelling: Turning Crickets Into Conversation

One way to stand out from the pack, especially in a crowded industry, is to turn your proprietary data into one-of-a-kind content. Numbers rarely move people to action, but putting those numbers to work to tell a compelling story is a way to create content that cuts through the marketing clutter.

A Storytelling Approach to Internal Communications

Most internal communications is … let’s go with weak. Coming out of the HR Department, it’s historically been seen as a box to be checked, rather than as an important channel to help engage employees. Compelling content can help to get employees more invested in the organization, and in today’s social media age every employee is a brand ambassador.

Corporate Storytelling: Why Are You Afraid to be Compelling?

Too often, we default to PowerPoints and bulleted lists when we’re trying to make a point or convince someone of a certain approach. This is far less impactful than telling a compelling narrative. This post is a plea to be courageous, and in turn be memorable.

Bringing Emotion to B2B Content

This post contains the slides and notes from a webinar we did. Consider it a challenge to break out of so-called logical approaches to B2B marketing and selling, and to embrace something that truly works: emotion.

If you want to read more about the impact storytelling can have for your business, poke around our blog. Or give us a shout and we’ll discuss it over coffee. And, if you’re in the Philadelphia area, we hope to see you during Philly Tech Week for the May 3rd panel on storytelling.