Keeping up with the day to day duties of working in content marketing can be challenging. Add to that, needing to know all the details of the latest and greatest social media platforms and content distribution outlets and things can get downright overwhelming.

Over the past year or so, two new-ish outlets have emerged and taken the marketing world by storm. Know which outlets I’m talking about?

Periscope and Snapchat.

Both platforms are extremely visual and allow brands and content producers to interact directly with audiences. Think Periscope and Snapchat might be right for you? Read on.


What it is: Launched in March 2015, Periscope is a live video streaming app that according to the company, “allows you to discover the world through someone else’s eyes.”

How it works: Simply download the Periscope app (or watch via Twitter- the company is owned by Twitter) and tune in to a live broadcast or watch a replay that stays live for 24 hours. Interact during the live broadcast by tapping your stream to send the user hearts (the hearts act as applause) and leave comments that the broadcaster can see live.

How brands are using it: If your brand joins Periscope now, you’ll still be a relatively early adopter. Brands are cautiously beginning to jump on the app. Many major brands, including Red Bull, Nestle and Doritos have jumped on board, but smaller companies like entrepreneurs and personal brands are finding success with the site, too.

Fun fact: Periscope just surpassed 10 million accounts and 40 years of video are watched PER DAY! Click here for a fun by the numbers update from the company.

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What it is: Launched in 2011 under a different name, Snapchat allows users to take photos and videos to share with friends. The catch? The photos/videos disappear after the recipient views them. Users can add all kinds of filters, drawings, emojis and more to make their photos/videos more unique. Snap stories allow users/brands to create longer pieces of content that last for up to 24 hours.

How it works: Download the Snapchat app, add your friends and get snapping! Take a photo or video, add a fun filter (some of the filters are geographic, include the time, temperature, etc.) and snap your friends. Snapchat also recently introduced the “Discover” feature where partnering brands/outlets like Cosmopolitan, ESPN, CNN, the Food Network and more offer unique content on Snapchat to users. Similarly, the “Live” feature brings you to other places in the world (for example, Friday’s live feature was Independence Day in Pakistan) to see major events and happenings.

How brands are using it: Disney, no surprise, was one of the first brands I noticed on Snapchat. Since they’ve joined, brands are flocking to the site, trying to figure out if snapping makes sense for their audience. Taco Bell, Acura and the New Orleans Saints are also finding success on the site.

Fun fact: Not quite ready to join Snapchat, but want to get involved in another way? Create your own Geofilter and submit it to Snapchat!

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Ready to Scope and Snap? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!