Professional Services Content Marketing

When clients hire a law firm, accounting firm or other professional services firm, they’re placing a bet that you know your stuff, you can do the job and you won’t make a mistake that lands them in hot water. Yup, that’s a lot of responsibility for you. But for the client, it’s bigger than that. It’s everything—their business, their livelihood, their future.

This is a big deal, so they can’t just guess when hiring someone. They need to go with someone they trust. Let’s talk about how that can be you.

Before they can trust you, they need to know you. In the digital world, they want to get to know you online. They want to know what you think about the latest trends.

This is where content marketing makes an impact.

Content that creates client confidence

Clients are searching. Finding the right professional services is … mysterious.

How do you know if you’re hiring the right firm?

Professional services practitioners who create and distribute thought leadership content are more likely to stand out, get noticed and get hired. They’re also more likely to retain clients and expand existing relationships.

Making the Complex Simple

Attorneys, accountants and other professional services practitioners tend to work in complex industries with hard-to-explain concepts. But your clients may not have that advanced law degree. They might not quite grasp just what it is you’re talking about.

While the goal of your marketing certainly is to demonstrate your smarts, you can’t be talking over the head of the client. You need to connect, not intimidate.

We’re not saying you should dumb it down. We are saying you should make it easier for potential clients. Clear, concise and approachable.

Digital marketing: A more scalable way to gain business referrals

Referrals have been the lifeblood for professional services businesses through the years. It’s all about referrals, right? Today, those referrals happen online.

The evidence is overwhelming—today, content marketing moves that pesky revenue needle for professional services. It helps potential clients searching online for professional services, and it helps expand existing client relationships.