Professional Services Content Marketing

When clients hire a professional services firm, they’re placing a bet that you know your stuff, you can do the job and you won’t make a mistake that lands them in hot water. But how do they know if you’re able to do the job?

In this digital world, they go online to learn everything they can. They’re looking for smart content that helps them to understand and solve their problems. The last couple of decades have trained them to turn to the internet to conduct research before any purchase, but the internet does not offer much information about professional services firms – largely because professional services have been slow to adopt digital marketing.

This is where content marketing makes an impact.

It’s time to throw out those old sales messages, and start delivering great stories to your clients and prospects.

Content that creates client confidence

Increasingly, clients have a difficult time determining who is better than whom when they look to hire an accountant or an attorney.

They want to make decisions with confidence, and to do that they need to understand that you are better than the other guy. Professional services practitioners who create and distribute thought leadership content are more likely to stand out, get noticed, and get hired. They’re also more likely to retain clients and expand existing relationships.

Making the Complex Simple

Attorneys, accountants and other professional services practitioners tend to work in complex industries with hard-to-explain concepts. Consequently, the language can get a little dense – and that is a significant hurdle to overcome when you’re trying to reach an audience – prospective clients – that likely is not as conversant in the material as you are.

Therefore, the best professional services content marketing focuses on the audience. It should challenge and educate, but not intimidate, alienate, or – worst of all – bore them.

This does not mean the content should be dumbed down. Rather, it means that content must be clear, concise and approachable. The easier it is for the audience to consume, the ore likely they are to engage.

Digital marketing: A more scalable way to gain business referrals

Traditionally, professional services pros have grown their business through referrals. Lawyers and accountants focused on building relationships with “centers of influence” – bankers, other professional services practitioners, etc. That continues to work, but is becoming less effective as more and more people turn to online sources for information and to figure out who is the best professional to solve their current need.

Today, content marketing can move the revenue needle for professional services. It will help potential clients searching online for professional services assistance, and it can also help to expand existing client relationships.

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