Public Relations

Public Relations

When you have content, Public Relations is easy. That’s the big advantage we have over other PR agencies. Our team creates content that journalists crave – because of our years of newsroom experience, we understand what the media is looking for. And that experience also means we’re talking to editors and reporters as peers, rather than as telemarketers. It’s a far better and more productive relationship—for everyone.

We don’t believe in random acts of PR; we believe in creating an ongoing program that establishes a thought leadership position for you. We do it through our POV Marketing Model.

Thought Leadership

The POV Marketing Model is our structured Thought Leadership approach. It’s centered on your industry Point of View – your long-term vision for the industry. We create three levels of communications around the POV – Market Actions, Market Commentary and Milestone Announcements. We work with you to create content that drives each of these levels.

Market Actions are significant efforts that impact the industry – this could be a symposium, a client conference or a whitepaper series. These big picture efforts help to position your company and your SMEs as thought leaders.

Market Commentary is participation in the ongoing industry conversation through blog posts, social media and media placements. Our media relations team has great connections across the media landscape, and a reputation for delivering our editor friends high quality content. Honestly – it isn’t unusual for them to come to us looking for story ideas.

Milestone Announcements are transactional releases that we tie back to your Point of View. Your established POV gives these announcements a greater resonance in the marketplace by demonstrating your commitment to that POV. These are important because they show momentum, but they’re also the lowest tier of the PR ecosystem and, sadly, where most of our competition spends all their time and energy. Sigh.

Our goal is to create trust between you and your customers. When you work with us, you move to the top of your industry’s list of big thinkers – and your customers can’t help but trust you.

Media Relations

Great! We’ve established your POV, we’ve created content – so now what?

We need to get some eyeballs on your brilliance. And that’s where our media relations folks come in. They excel at placing high level, thought-provoking content in targeted industry media.

Most PR firms treat Public Relations as a mathematical equation – they’ll never take your marketing past the 2 + 2 = 4 stage. They’ll pound the phones and they’ll get you some clips, but it won’t give you the exponential push you’re looking for.

Our team understands the realities of the newsroom. We know who runs the 3 o’clock assignment meeting, and we know it never starts before 3:15. This insider knowledge guides us in shaping content and story pitches to targeted editors and journalists.